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The Japanese Man Who Saved 6000 Jews With His Handwriting.

kmdskit3 8 Oct 16

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Excellent article, thank you. I've heard of others that acted with compassion & moral courage during that time, but had not heard of Chiune Sugihara. His example should be remembered & lauded. Again, thanks for this.

Glad to share. His selflessness is truly inspiring.


He was very courageous !


That is great! He is also much better than Yahweh.


Here is a Huffington Post article about Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese man who saved 6,000 Jews:



I cannot read the article without subscribing to the New York Times.

For some reason I never have a problem with accessing NYT articles even though I'm not a subscriber. Sorry...


That is heartwarming.


Yes, people like him give me hope for the human race. There are people who will do the right thing no matter what. Oddly enough, Japan was a safe haven for Jews during WW2. The Nazis told their Ally that they should round up the Jews in Japan because, you know, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and other such that the Jews would conspire against them. The Japanese government asked their intelligience agencies to look into it. The agencies reported it was all stupid BS, there was no global Jewish conspiracy. So the handful of Jews living in Japan, and any that made it to Japan during the war, were safe from Nazi persecution.

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