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Religion Classes

My nieces were just over for a few hours and towards the end of the day one of them showed me a folder they had with them. It contained papers that she uses for her religion class from the church she attends. She was going down a list of rules and regulations for the class. When she got down to #5 it kind of pissed me off a little.

#5 - Take our your homework and money folder

When I asked her what they meant by money folder, she said donations. They pretty much "force" these kids to donate money every class.

Piece2YourPuzzle 8 Oct 21

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I would have a talk with my sibling


OMFG....the guilt and extortion racket these people get away with.


it's disgusting enough but there is nothing you can do about it, as it's not public school. if you think mentioning it to your sibling, go for it, but i suspect that you'll get blank stares at best, considering s/he has put your nieces into religion class to begin with.


Yeah, I'm not that naive lol. I wouldn't even bother. It's mostly their mother's doing and not my brother though.

Shit...public school is almost as bad. Huge ass list at the beginning of the year, and you always get hit up for other shit monthly...and that's if your kid is a social outcast and doesn't do anything like sports, music, art etc.

Don't get me wrong, I want my kids to learn...but these government mandated education facilities where my child is getting a below par education compared to other industrialized nations while also very likely to be bullied, assaulted, or even murdered are NOT doing their job, which is to teach and protect my kids for a future.


The Philadelphia Catholic schools either used to, or still do, have a differential in tuition for parishioners and non-parishioners. The difference is NOT a discount for being a member, but an expectation that the tithes given weekly would balance the gap. My father said when he was young, family's names were posted on a corkboard if their donation envelope was not turned in.
I feel a few ways about knowing this. 1-the church is a business and they need to pay salaries of teachers, janitors, etc. as well as pay for parking lot repairs and holy water. 2-it's brainwashing that parents are complicit in allowing because they are unsure how to teach their children to think freely and conform to society alongside people without this sham of morality. 3-it is a private club requiring membership dues.
I once asked why god needs my money if he can just make it. My mom told me god doesnt make money. Man makes money. Then why did he ask for 10% of it??? Lecture about something i can remember. Its a losing battle to discuss money and church. The followers open their wallet to tithe.

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