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The Devil's Doorbell
I mean ... Um... does anyone feel like garbage after ringing your devil's doorbell? ... I mean, I don't .... just curious ...

evestrat 8 Feb 3

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Puts a whole new meaning to the term Ding Dong Ditch !
I wonder what makes Tommy Knockers ?
Thinking about going outside on to my front porch to see if I can push the doorbell with my tongue hard enough to make it ring . . . ?

Dougy Level 7 Feb 4, 2018

Hahahahahahaha.... you can ring my belllll, ring my bell
The stupidity and ignorance amazes me..but the laughter is always welcomed.


Garbage? No way! I feel fantastic! I smile for a day!

And let me clear up a religious misconception -- the clitoris is not needed to have a child! My husband and I had sex for three years before our son was born and NOT ONCE DID HE TOUCH MY CLITORIS! See how easy it is to discredit religious crap?

@evestrat Thanks. Now I'm gonna tell him the doorbell and the door handle (the g-spot) both have to be thoroughly covered or else WE'RE GONNA MAKE A BABY!


At least I was right about what this post was about before I opened it.
Carry on ladies! 🙂


You rang?



I'm so going to hell.

@astrochuck I've got a permanent round trip ticket.

Ain't we all? you at the gates..with a joint and champagne..

@Charlene You can keep the champagne, but I will take a toke.



By his logic it means the vagina is the devils Mail Slot..

@irascible a One Eyed snake to boot..

Or credit card......Oh oh!

@BucketlistBob it chipped?

I've heard of the male member being called the long boat. The guy in charge stands there directing, "Stroke! Stroke!!"

Which male member? there's many on here!

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