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Ireland is about to vote on removing the offense of blasphemy from the constitution


celticagent 7 Oct 25

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'bout fucking time, load of nonsense


This is what bought it to the fore, some people actually wanted to charge Stephen Fry with blasphemy. Anyway we got rid yesterday...


It's about damn time!


Who blasphemes anymore? Will it still be in the lawbooks?


Even Ireland is whizzing past the U.S. We should hold our heads down in shame!!!


Good, being based in Dublin as I am it would only have been a matter of time until I offended the wrong person! 😀


Thank fek for that !


Good thing it didn't take too long.


Let's have a pint, raise our glasses, and celebrate some Irish tonite!!

Thanks for this. Dancing with the Stars was my late partners favorite show. When I lived in Heidelberg I had several Irish friends. There was a 'local' that catered to the Irish crowd and one friend was amazing at dancing. I especially like the way they moved from the hip down with very little action above the waist.

@JackPedigo I got to see Riverdance perform a few years ago. Believe it or not, I wasn't really looking forward to seeing it, but It was amazing. One of the best shows I've ever been to. They are amazing performers and athletes to be able to control their movement the way they do. You're welcome! 🙂


Six US states have blasphemy laws, with Massachusetts being the oldest.

They are just relics, not enforceable. Any idea of when Ireland’s law was last enforced?


Go Ireland. If they do it, only Northern Ireland of our near neighbours will still have a theocracy in place

I once had a great history history from Belfast. He told us that only the Irish could term the bombings from the IRA as the "troubles".

@JackPedigo yeah - my local pub in north London used to see dodgy characters with a tin collecting ‘for the cause’

The issue with the terrorist terminology applied to the IRA was the disgraceful one sided ness of it. Sure they were violent killers whose cause had been lost. But the other side killed more people each year and were truly despicable, not to mention the very murdeeous and out of control British army...but somehow attention was kept away from them.

In the republic of course they saw it differently and ‘the troubles’ seemed a tad more balanced.

Funny that!

@OwlInASack really?


The IRA alone was responsible for 49% of the killings during the "Troubles" (if you take the other Republican groups into account this increases somewhat) as opposed to 9% for the British Army (doesn't sound exactly out of control does it? Especially when you consider the equipment we had available but did/could not use! The figures for the Loyalist groups are even smaller!

@Pete66 I read an article way back when - and I accept it could be inaccurate - about the split of deaths with the murder of catholics by the other side far exceeding the other way round. The point being that data collection was deliberately skewed and that we focused on one not the other.

The other point that was made was that the IRAs recruiting was made easy by the activities of the British army. The deliberate terrorising of the catholic population in the late 70s and 80s was little reported and those who speak of it now are regarded as terrorist sympathisers.

I know better though. I knew a Para who did 3 tours. The stories are truly repellent. And then thankfully this isn’t just my anecdote: too many soldiers have written their stories and published them. We know what they did.

@OwlInASack the IRA were by far the biggest cause of deaths during the troubles.

@OwlInASack well I know what I did and what those around me did!

@Pete66 by your own stats - and I don’t know the source (and I’d have some questions...) - IRA versus not IRA is about equal. To split the loyalist groups seems pretty disingenuous. After all the British army and the police were clearly partisan and in cahoots with the loyalists.

Are you seriously suggesting the British army did not commit serious crimes against the nationalist community?

@OwlInASack feel free to provide something to counter it rather than your hunch then!


I never suggested that the army did no wrong but that was a minority of cases and pales into insignificance compared to what the IRA did!

@OwlInASack []

@Pete66 well I’m no defender of he IRA but the British army was / to the eyes of just under half the population - an army of occupation that brutally subjugated them. The British army isn’t utterly hated by otherwise good people because they distributed flowers every day. The beatings, the breaking down front doors and wrecking houses, the occasional looting, the occasional murder, the denial and perversion of justice, the sometimes collaboration with the loyalist paramilitaries.

We know what thy did though because so many soldiers have published their memoirs

And therefore I think it takes rose tinted spectacles to say the IRA were worse. If you served there it’s possible you’re not entirely disinterested? Your own stats show that the IRA we’re not ‘by far the biggest cause of deaths’ and yet you are absolutely certain in the point in contradiction of your own data!

@OwlInASack the IRA is by far the biggest cause of death by a single group there and if as you suggest should be done for the Loyalist side ( who I do think are equal scumbags), group the republican groups together, that share of murder rises further! Yes I served in Ireland and my experiences there don't match what you are claiming based on your no doubt far more extensive experience.

@Pete66 well I put the British army alongside the Loyalists given that’s overwhelmingly how the guns were pointing.

I didn’t claim personal experience - that’s a red herring. I pointed out the the not-much-reported-at-the-time atrocities at the time - funnybthat woth annoverwhlemingky nationalist British press - are now 100% validated by the published memoirs of the ex soldiers who were there too.

I’m sure you weren’t involved and maybe the bad stuff happened when you were on leave but it is disingenuous given the materials in the public sphere now to reduce it.

@OwlInASack then your logic has failed!

I don't reduce anything, but I also don't have a rose-tinted view of the IRA (or any other terrorist groups that operated in Ireland!

@Pete66 which logic?

@OwlInASack exactly!

@Pete66 that’s not really an answer is it? You tell me my logic has failed: I ask which logic. And you give that pretty rubbish answer? Are we done here if that’s the level you’re at?

@OwlInASack to lump the British army together with loyalist terrorists is disingenuous to the extreme and has no logical basis!

@Pete66 except that just under half the population would do just that. So not so disingenuous then

@OwlInASack I would dispute that!


It's about time!


Overall the Irish have progressed well since the 70's. They do have their occasional setbacks - a few years ago they weren't going to allow a 14 year old girl ribbon to England because they suspected (she was) she wanted to get an abortion. She finally got to go, but not until late in the pregnancy when it would have been more dangerous.


Bless their little cotton socks. We did it in the 1970s. Nice to see my neighbours finally joining us in the 21st century ?


Well, they just legalized abortion. There's hope the rcc is finally losing it's grip on
that country.

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