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Republican TV ads are becoming more unhinged by the day! Associating every Democratic candidate with Pelosi. The one I saw tonight was just a general attack against Democrats which was equivalent of showing Republicans marching in Nazi parades, Republican politicians attending lynchings, McConnell wearing KKK robes or Trump handing money to a Russian ambassador. They are all turning into fear mongering cheating, lying do and say anything to defeat Democrats. I hate commercial breaks even worse than usual and usually mute the TV.
I found the commercial: []

Barnie2years 8 Oct 26

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I am not sure this is tha ad, but it was similar.


Here in michigan the women candidates are being blamed for what all the male repubs had done the past 20 years. And the shitheads believe it.

Jacar Level 8 Oct 27, 2018

That is their most popular tactic this season: blame the Democrats for what they did wrong and take credit for what Democrats did right.


For decades I’ve missed such ‘ads.’ Don’t watch commercial TV.. But about now, that’s likely all I’d care to watch it for. Any nation that allows it’s base instincts or understanding of the issues to be influenced by a barrage of one-sided propaganda perhaps deserves what it gets. The problem is, we don’t ~

Varn Level 8 Oct 27, 2018

How about the one that has Scott Wagner threatening to stomp on the governor's face with golf spikes?

This new one makes Wagner look like the thug clown he is. I have been trying to find a copy or clip online with no success. In fact, I only saw it once, compared to the dirge of negative ads from both sides hitting the airways. My guess is, since it was a PAC ad, it will show up in other states as well.

@Barnie2years Try going to: [].

@SageDave The Wolf campaign is actually using it to show what dick Wagner is.

@SageDavenot there. I will keep trying.


They need to keep the message very simple & basic for their imbecilic followers.

Carin Level 8 Oct 27, 2018

Your intellectual credentials are?????

They are not simple and basic. They are false and inflammatory (they actually do have flames!) Trump goes on TV from his office and says we need unity and tone down the rhetoric, then goes to his rallies and does not condem ads from his Party that do the polar opposite. If the Democrats put out an ad as I describe in the post can you imagine the condemnations that would be spewing from the the White House Twitter King?

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