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Just in case anyone was wondering.

KKGator 9 Oct 28

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Oh, they'll deny that, of course....but....WE KNOW!


The most homicides committed are in the ghetto you need to rethink this propaganda.

This is not "propaganda". It's also not just about "homicides". It's about violence based on ideology.
You need to rethink your bias.

@KKGator This could be the most liberal neighborhood in all of the United States throws your stats way off []

@azzow2 You are deliberately trying to conflate two different issues. Please stop.
Btw, they aren't "my" stats.
This is about terrorism based on extremism.

@KKGator Just saying domestic terrorism via gangs is just as real as any insurgent.

@slydr68 That is a matter of opinion on the religious ideologies. The same misrepresentation of information is exactly how a politician would want you to look at it as. The facts are convoluted and that is exactly how they try to trick people into jumping on their bandwagon.

"Propaganda?" Are you quite sure that's the word you want to use? This topic is about extremists who have committed murder. Are you claiming her statistics are incorrect? Because I'll stand with her....they're true!

@azzow2 Yes...there IS a problem with gang wars in some areas. This is is the GOP BULLSHIT political wars.

However...if you don't see the difference, I don't know how to express it to you.

Gang wars are almost always based on drug availability (to sell) or territory (see ''drug availability" ) and repayment for perceived ''insults'', murders, etc. These people aren't trying to convince us all to vote for them....and the GOP is doing EXACTLY that!

We aren't idiots, and we are pretty good at filtering BS from facts. We aren't buying your BS; which you may think is relevant or you may be trying to influence us with propaganda. We cannot know what's in your mind. We understand the difference between the things you say and the maps shown above, even if you do not.

Azzow2, I see what you are trying to say, and I think you make a good point. In all reality, most murders are committed by "crazies", regardless of what their ideological views are. KKs data is interesting, but whether or not any meaningful insights can be discovered from it, I don't know.


The same people that are screaming Terrorists ... Build the Wall ... MAGA ... THEY ARE THE REAL PROBLEM.

That is 100% correct.


That means the same people attacking you are usually the same ones who want to take away your healthcare.



Oh, but it's JUST because of mentally ill people. Nothing about the hate the right holds for the different.

Of course not! They're not responsible for what they do.
Everyone else is, but they're not.

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