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Our 13-year-old indoor cat Romeo. His colour somehow segregates him.
It's a joke right? People aren't serious about superstition, are they?
As a child, I wondered how long I would have to wait before I could cross a black cat's path?
Being a skeptic I guess you see things differently than most.

flower_nut 7 Oct 29

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My black cat Mercutio. He lived to be 16. He also went by "Cutie the Razor". He was a gifter if stitches to vet techs.

Romeo is shy until you have him in your arms. The vet knows how to handle him. He never harms, only reactive scratches from being a scaredy-cat.
Mercutio looks like he has mischievous in his eyes.


I have had 2 black cats in my life The first one her name was Toni she was a very smart cat until I had gotten her I had thought that all cats hated water not that one she would try to take showers in the kitchen sink. She also did not like to be in the dark she figured out how to turn the lights on when she was alone. She would steal tea bags out of the trash and stash them on the 3rd floor when I had my house in Pennsylvania. The black cat I have now his name is Raven he is extremely curious and loving.

Our first cat Mandy was a stray someone gave us. I loved that cat. The first cat I could take for a walk and she would stay with you every step of the way. When dogs were around she would let me pick her up until I thought it was safe. She knew how to handle herself and was doing this to calm me down I think.
One day we let her out and she never returned. We picked up Romeo a couple weeks later and he is timid even today. He likes his tail pulled, gentle slaps on the back and his head rubbed when you can get a hold of him. He also howls and must forget we're home or doesn't want us to go to bed.

@flower_nut Can't remember where I had heard it or read it, it was a long while back. For a cat to be all black they must have a Siamese cat bloodline.

Thank you for being so diligent. Romeo does have a small patch of white hair on his chest. Maybe we should ask the question does the superstition apply to all blacks cats or all the blacks cats?

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