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What do men want in a woman?

ShellyBean 6 Feb 4

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Kindness. Self awareness. Intelligence. Imagination. Nearsightedness tends to work in my favor as well.


No drama queens that are self absorbed in their looks


Jeff Foxworthy: Men are simple-they only want two things in life;
a beer, and to see something naked!

According to the book, "The Rules," and experience, most men are wired as predators- the ones to pursue females.
If attractive females of child-bearing age act mysterious, independent, seem busy, accomplished, and not that interested in them, that usually inspires avid pursuit. Men typically want what they can't have.

Women heavy in male traits, who chase men, act needy, start planning the wedding on the first date, act besotted with them, etc, usually inspire men to run the other way. Prey that chases the predators are a big red flag.

After all, the evolutionary goal of men is to produce progeny through women, and ambitious, male-like women who chase men are less likely to want to devote their lives reproducing them.

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