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This is my first post here. It’s hard to find like minded friends and even harder to find like minded romantic partners. I’ve tried every dating site under the sun, and had given up... and then this came along.

By Alexx3
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Hallo. Ich spreche auch. Willkommen.

Kevbo Level 4 Mar 4, 2019

Hi Alexx , I'm in the burgh and atheist. Dating is always challenging but the looks you get when they ask what religion you are and you say "none" is special. Then the questions/ lecture begins.

Nombler Level 2 Feb 27, 2019

Or the panic and running.


I'm glad that we have all found this place. It encourages me. Makes me feel like less of a freak or an island surrounded by theists.


Is this thing on?


Nice to meet you.


Well, here we are! Good luck in your search.

JK666 Level 7 Oct 31, 2018

People have found each other here so welcome and best of luck!


I dunno, if you live in the artsy city of Pittsburgh I'd think there would at least be some atheists around.

Fuck Sidney Crosby though =)



Welcome. What do you like to do for fun?



brownH50 Level 6 Oct 31, 2018

I'm in 63118. If you visit, look me up.

Remowill Level 7 Oct 31, 2018

Welcome and I hope you find a suitable partner.


Welcome to the Community.
Pittsburgh Strong!!

Hastur Level 8 Oct 31, 2018

Welcome to the isle of misfit toyssmile001.gif


Welcome. It's always nice to see more members from the Keystone State. There are a few members in close proximity to you, I believe.

JimG Level 8 Oct 31, 2018

Hi, fellow Burgher!

Secretguy Level 7 Oct 30, 2018

And like that your profile pic makes sense to me.


It is also a great community of like minded people to mingle with. Welcome

azzow2 Level 9 Oct 30, 2018

I am quickly realizing this and it’s so cool! The site was billed as a dating site on FB but I’m loving the Trump Piñata.

@Alexx smile002.gif

I like you already. I'm glad you found us.


Thank you!!!!

Alexx Level 3 Oct 30, 2018

Welcome here.

gsiamne Level 7 Oct 30, 2018

Well this should be the last nail in the coffin for ya....welcome! smile001.gif

jondspen Level 7 Oct 30, 2018
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