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State three things you are optimistic about

Seeker3CO 8 Nov 3

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The mid-terms turning the tide
Turning around a personal debt


Tuesday's blue wave
Giving birth to healthy baby
Baby being a girl

  • The blue wave on Tuesday
  • My family
  • My investments

UUUMMMMMMMMMM. I got nothin'.

  1. New dogs and kittens to snuggle will be at work on Tuesday.
  2. I will be able to stay home to rest and hibernate tomorrow.
  3. My dogs will let me all sleep in and share the covers.

Climate change will kill many more people.
AI and robots will take all jobs.
Capitalism will fail.

@Seeker3CO Personally, I'll lose another hundred pounds, go dancing again, and work on a bucket list.


I'm optimistic The Last Of Us 2 will be a terrific game!
I'm optimistic the world will continue to give us great artists of every type.
I'm optimistic that I will find a real friend.


God this is hard.....


Life does not go on forever, there is an end to it
Politicians all die or retire eventually
Atheism is growing in popularity


The love of my wonderful family, my undying curiousity to learn (with wisdom), and the opportunities I have had to make a difference in countless students' lives.


I am optimistic about a small fire in my back yard tonight. That covers 1-3.


i'm Optomistic that it MAY just rain enough here in OutBack Australia to actually break this interminable drought we have been having for the last 5 or more years.
I'm Optomistic that I may, one day, win enough on the Lotto to be able live comfortably for the rest of my days.
I am also Optomistic that the present 'Me,Me Generation' may just wake up one day and discover that they are NOT the be all, end all of everything.
BUT, I am very Pessimistic that humans will ever experience governments that are 100% truly Democratic and governing SOLEY for the good of the People instead of for themselves and their Big Money End of Town supporters.


My sons and that I’m raising great people that will be positive additions to society.
I’m optimistic that these dark days in America will wake people up and make them realize they need to be a part of the solution.
I’m optimistic that even republicans will come to realize that they deserve health care like every other developed country has.


You shouldn't ask such a hard question on a Saturday. It's supposed to be my day off!

Seriously though in these dark times the things I'm optimistic about are, necessarily, small things. I'm optimistic that I will not die in the next week from a previously undetected peanut allergy. I'm optimistic that the tires on my car won't be flat tomorrow. I'm optimistic that we won't freeze to death this winter. Stuff like that.

Even more seriously, I have love in my life, adequate if somewhat squirrelly health, a fantastic career that is as stable as anyone's, and the knowledge that "this, too, shall pass". These are simple facts, no optimism required.

To maintain mental health I try to cultivate more awareness of such boons than of real, potential and imagined threats.

  1. Young people.
  2. The likelihood of the veggie burgers I'm going to have for dinner being yummy.
  3. People eventually realising that no government will ever give them freedom.
Jnei Level 8 Nov 3, 2018
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