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Found” An antidote for our woes

After again feeling the need to get off my butt (yes you are right) I went for a long walk to the library. Again, I found something in the free section to help with the last item (I am bloody pissed). Someone left some copies of the monthly “Funny Times” newspaper. Our library is turning into a roller coaster for me.
There is sooo much good stuff I will try and share often.

“Scatological Occurrences”
Fatalist – Shit happens
Spirituaiist – Shit happens for a reason
Philosopher – Why does Shit happen?
Scientist – How does Shit happen?
Sociologist – Who does Shit happen to?
Journalist – What Shit happened?
Geographer – Where did Shit happen?
Historian – When did Shit happen?
Pages and pages of this stuff

JackPedigo 9 Feb 6

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ha..good one


That was a good find.


How true!!

There are more many more. The cartoonist who did the Narcissus cartoon has a whole page of them. This could keep me busy for a long time.


That is dung-o-terrific.


Well put.


I saw a religious meme about this one.

Do you remember it?

@JackPedigo It listed the different religions and how they believe, using the S-word in every one of the religions. Google it.

@Sarahroo29 I don't use Google I use a site called Ecosia. What specifically should I search?

@JackPedigo Idk. I'm really tired. I got called into work on my day off for an inspection. I need to eat. I saw it on FB.

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