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What's your favourite 80s song? My boyfriend and I are avid lovers of eighties music although we slightly disagree on Madonna then he needs to pull over and reshuffle my playlist. Here are my top 6 favourites. What's yours?

  1. Roll With It (Steve Winwood)
  2. Piano in the Dark (Brenda Russell)
  3. The Reflex (Duran Duran)
  4. New Sensation (INXS)
  5. Kissing a Fool (George Michael)

and yes please...

  1. Into the Groove (the Queen of Pop)

I'm such a minx lol... pardon me for adding more songs (edit mode)

  1. Under the Milky Way (The Church)
  2. When Smokey Sings (ABC)
  3. The Way It Is (Bruce Hornsby & the Range)
  4. The End of the Innocence (Don Henley)
  5. True (Spandau Ballet)
  6. Got My Mind Set On You (George Harrison)
By jemzet8
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It seems we have varying recollections of the 80s:

  1. I am the Law (Anthrax)
  2. Welcome to the Jungle (Guns & Roses)
  3. Ace of Spades. (Motorhead)
  4. Holy Diver (Dio)
  5. Tom Sawyer. (Rush)
  6. The Real Thing (Faith No More)
  7. Creeping Death (Metallica)
  8. Reign in Blood (Slayer)
  9. Hook in Mouth (Megadeth)
  10. Heaven & Hell (Black Sabbath)
Seeker3CO Level 7 Nov 6, 2018

Definitely the-one-behind-the-wheel's playlist and no one's pulling over! Lol

An "Alternate" list:

  1. Bastards of the Young (Replacements)
  2. Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Dead Kennedys)
  3. Mommy's Little Monster (Social Distortion)
  4. Institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies)
  5. Makes No Sense At All (Husker Du)
  6. Bad Reputation (Joan Jett)
  7. Green Hell (Misfits)
  8. Let's Have a War (Fear)
  9. God is a Bullet (Concrete Blonde)
  10. TV Party (Black Flag)
Donotbelieve Level 8 Nov 6, 2018



I personally love 80s pop and new wave:

It's my life - talk talk
I just died in your arms tonight - cutting crew
ABC has a several great hits
The Church - under the milkyway tongiht

After that, I'm a big fan of Depeche Mode, The Cure, The Smiths, Pet Shop Boys, 80's Bowie, etc.

And for what's is worth, I'm not a Madonna fan either, but Into the Groove, Papa Don't Preach, and Live to Tell are all pretty noble entries.

Humanistheathen Level 7 Nov 6, 2018

Now that you mentioned ABC... I should have included 'When Smokey Songs' on my short list. Thank you for sharing smile001.gif

Oh dear how could I have forgotten The Church's Under the Milky Way as well? I should have listed at least ten. #ILove80sMusic


Only a few million songs to choose from but here goes smile001.gif

Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
Panama - Van Halen
You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
Don't Stop Believen' - Journey
Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
Gypsy Road - Cinderalla

Sorry, couldn't get out of the rock stuff before I'd used up my 6 smile001.gif

ipdg77 Level 8 Nov 6, 2018

Now that's my boyfriend's playlist... not mine lol


“Dear God” by XTC

Jproad Level 4 Nov 7, 2018

Nice. Also a big fan of "Grass."


Cat People (David Bowie)
Back in Black the whole album.

Umbral Level 8 Nov 7, 2018

There are so many. For starters:

VictoriaNotes Level 8 Nov 6, 2018

Great choices! That simple minds song get's me every time.

Tears For Fears is my actual favorite. "Sowing the Seeds of Love"


I must say TIME by Alan Parsons Project is one of me mum's all-time favourite. Thank you for sharing smile001.gif

Thank you lot for sharing. Definitely will be adding them songs to my playlist. Cheers smile001.gif

@Humanistheathen I know, right?

@jemzet8 Thank you for starting this post. It brought back so many fond memories. smile001.gif

Don't Dream It's Over is one of those songs I'm always so happy to hear. Neil Finn is a great songwriter.


I can contribute a few, the 80’s were a time when I listened to a lot of music...

  1. Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
  2. Jump - Van Halen
  3. Sailin - Christopher Cross
  4. Easy Lover - Phil Collins
  5. Off the Wall - Michael Jackson
  6. We Close Our Eyes - Go West
Denker Level 7 Nov 6, 2018

I'm more of a 60s and 70s person

paul1967 Level 8 Nov 6, 2018

Same here. I grew into young adulthood with rock 'n roll, folk songs and motown.


Nice playlist. The new Queen movie is incredible btw.

Jeremy77 Level 5 Nov 7, 2018

won't miss it for the world smile001.gif cheers! #whyaretheyallintexas?


Punctured bicycle on a hillside desolate, will nature make a man of me yet...

PalacinkyPDX Level 7 Nov 7, 2018

Thank you for sharing smile001.gif

maturin1919 Level 7 Nov 6, 2018

If you like one hit wonders


Well I do make sure to play "dear god" by XTC when I'm dropoing off my son to his religious mother. other than that several songs from Tom waits are from that time, along with gwar.

Morphyon Level 5 Nov 6, 2018

Love XTC! Making Plans for Nigel, Life begins at the hop... so many great songs.


I will say

Yazoo (Only you)
Cindi Lauper (Time after time)
The Cure (Just like heaven)
The Police (Every breath you take)
Pete Townsend (Let my love open the door)
Paul Simon (You can call me Al)
David Bowie (China girl)
Queen (Another one bites the dust)
Van Morrison (Bright side of the road)
Bruce Springsteen (Atlantic city)
Neil Young (Rockin in the free world)
Bob Dylan (Jokerman)
Michael Jackson (Thriller)
Rolling stones (Start me up)
John Lennon (Woman)
Prince (Purple rain)
The Smiths (This charming man)
Marvin Gaye (Sexual healing)

Rob9865 Level 2 Nov 10, 2018

@Rob9865 thank you for sharing your own 80s playlist smile001.gif thought I'd share this video from The Cure - Just Like Heaven


Big Country, In a Big Country
Simple Minds, Let There be Love
Captain of Her Heart, Double
Take My Heart Away, Johnny Clegg & Savuka
Running Up That Hill, Kate Bush
Pride (In the Name of Love), U2
Anything by Peter Gabriel

pashaonenine Level 6 Nov 10, 2018

Billy Idol owned the 80's
But also Yaz/Yazzu are great
The Stranglers
The Damned
The Cult
Men at Work
Midnight Oil
The Pretenders
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Talking Heads
The Beastie Boys

BanjoBang Level 4 Nov 10, 2018

Another day
Sir Paul McCartney

Al-Bundy_59 Level 5 Nov 9, 2018

My favorite is a obscure song called, "Hands All Over" by Soundgarden

alanalorie Level 7 Nov 8, 2018

Mama says truth is all that matters
Lying and deceiving is a sin
Drifting through a world that's torn and tattered
Every thought I have don't mean a thing

PalacinkyPDX Level 7 Nov 7, 2018

Ashes to Ashes, funk to funky, we all know Major Tom's a junkie...

PalacinkyPDX Level 7 Nov 7, 2018

How could I forget. Best driving music, Devo


And the boys

powder Level 7 Nov 6, 2018

I'll pick a few from different genres. Each brings back many memories and were surrounded by many other great songs.

Bierbasstard Level 8 Nov 6, 2018
powder Level 7 Nov 6, 2018
maturin1919 Level 7 Nov 6, 2018
maturin1919 Level 7 Nov 6, 2018

Like their earlier stuff

@powder and Original Sin?


and the list goes on... I just lurv Need You Tonight as well!


@jemzet8 that's what broke them to mainstream, before that.

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