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I just got my first paycheck with the new tax cuts in effect.

I will e bringing home an extra $200!

For the year....thanks, Drumpf.

tallguy241 6 Feb 7

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The other day a politician was on Tv saying many people will be getting back 1000.00 dollars a year, and he added "They could go buy a new car", I'd like to know where this guy lives that 1000. 00 would even make a decent down payment.
I'd rather not get that back but for it to be used for meals on wheels or healthcare or Puerto Rico or something useful that they are not doing.


Best put it into a savings plan for when you get ill - it might get you some paracetamol....


... and remember, he is borrowing vast amounts of money in your names, to pay to his corporate and political friends, so any money he is offering now will be nothing compared with how much is paid later to pay off that debt.


Sounds like you would prefer $200 less

gater Level 7 Feb 7, 2018

We're talking $4 a week. I would gladly give that up for better roads, schools, healthcare for everyone.


Wow ... you can go around the world on that ! (on foot) (slowly) (working along the way)


I'm sweating .... I owe... it's a matter of how much... I'm thinking maybe a lot. Well hell... pay it now and get it over with.


Talking about taxes reminded me of this lovely video.

Loved it, well done!


It's the first year I owe money. PFFFT.

Me too. Did his policies go into place for filing our taxes? Never owed anything in my life. Always got a nice refund.

@Breathe same here. It sucks.


56 bucks a month, just about changed my life.


For me it will be $4 a week or $208 per year.

I can still deduct student loan interest and mortgage interest and but if my insurance premiums go up by 10% that will go down to about $1.60 or $83 per year.

I have been feeling a bit of anxiety over what is to come and this $83 bucks is not gonna help me

Unfortunately, your insurance premiums are just the tip of the iceberg.


Gotta love the Trump.Tax Cut Snake Oil.

You get an extra $200.00 a year. Woot! Meanwhile, inflation looms, pricing you out of the market even more than you already are. Which means that the extra money you're receiving really amounts to less than nothing.

But, hey! The Koch Brothers get an extra two hundred billion for their off shore accounts! So there's that! Let's just raise the debt ceiling and pretend that we stimulated the economy.


Don't worry, it'll all go on your national debt. At this rate, the Chinese won't have to beat your country; they'll just call in their loan. Hand them the keys.


You mean you weren't one of his friends whom he told, "You just got a lot richer"?

marga Level 7 Feb 7, 2018

$200 a month or a year?

For the whole year.


Don't spend it all in one shop!

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