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How easy is it to find atheist women in your opinion? Has anyone here been able to form healthy relationships and start families?

Kinetic 2 Nov 7

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I gave up. I have not met anyone in the area where I live that is not a bible thumper.

Try looking for Meet Up groups for atheists/agnostics/free thinkers. I live in Texas and there are several within driving distance for me. There are more men than women, but that doesn't mean there are no women. This past summer I marched in a parade for Metroplex atheists in Texas and there were more women representing the organization than men.


This site has only been around for about a year, so it would be a very young family indeed.

MsAl Level 8 Nov 7, 2018

I'm one. I don't need any kids (unless they come with a potential partner) and I've been in healthy relationships.

Remi Level 7 Nov 7, 2018

Yeah I met one once, that had a boyfriend and was moving in two weeks. Damned bible belt


I got married very young. I had a discussion with her before we got really serious about my being an atheist, and that I wanted to make sure we were going to be in at least the same ballpark before we got really serious. She was raised devout catholic, had rejected it, but was more of a "generally kinda spiritual" to weak agnostic. But I knew that it was hard to shed a lifetime of Catholic dogma, and we both decided to see where it went.

We were married 32+ years, waited six years to start having kids, and raised five incredible humans. Now I believe that each person must walk their own spiritual/philosophical path, do the research, explore, discuss, etc. to find the answers that best make sense to them; and then you have to accept that it's an ongoing journey, and you're going to refine your core beliefs throughout your life.

We're in the Bible Belt, and I wanted our kids to have a strong, OBJECTIVE, understanding of the main religions in our community - tenets, beliefs, history, etc. So, we raised them UU. I can be an atheist/humanist there and be fully accepted. Hell, I taught RE (Religious Education, aka "sunday school" ). I taught 7-8 graders a class called "Neighboring Faiths", where one week we explore the basics about a particular religion, and the next week we attend a service at one of those churches. Afterwards the class meets with a representative from the church to allow the kids to ask questions. It was GREAT, and let me be comfortable with allowing my kids to attend their friend's churches when they have sleepovers, etc. because I knew that they had a strong understanding of it, and wouldn't get taken in by the "wow" and marketing churches do.

BTW, three of my five kids are atheists, two are xians - one is a fairly normal methodist, and the other is is in a more evangelical xian church but he still firmly believes in evolution, the big bang, etc. I expect they'll both come around later 😉

Anyway, you might have noticed I said "were married for 32+ years". I have worked away from home, in other cities, for the last 7-8 years. I came home 1-2 weekends a month and made sure to be home for important events. Well, my wife got caught up in some very evangelical/penecostal church and turned into a full blooded bible thumper.

Long story short - she asked me to "fake" convert to xianity so I would go to her church with her. I said that's disrespectful to both your church and me. I'll go, but I'll go as the "friendly neighborhood atheist". I won't participate in any religious act, but I'll attend, be friendly, etc. But I won't fake it.

Not good enough. SHE divorced ME for being an atheist. She's also alienated ALL FIVE of the kids, and has cut off contact from all of them.

Love how "christ like" she's become.

So yes. You can have a successful marriage and raise kids as atheists. But if you're not on the same page with your partner, I just don't believe it will last.

That is both an uplifting and sad story. I never heard of UU churches and them being so open to atheists.

You were upfront about who you were and yet the relationship still went sour regarding religion. I guess when you are with someone, they can always change drastically.

I have a couple of male friends who identify as atheists. He intentionally looks for women who aren’t as religious. It makes me wonder though. They can always become more hardcore in their faith as time goes on.


The numbers aren't in your favor. Women are a minority in the atheist community. However, that doesn't mean just means you have to make sure you're being proactive. Look up local atheist/agnostic/free thinker Meet Up groups. I live in Texas and there are several within driving distance for me.

It seems that is my best bet. Interfaith relationships seem like ticking time bombs.


The region in which I live in makes me wonder if its different. I’m in the bible belt, so folks like me are harder to find.

Also, it’s what’s portrayed in our society. I don’t hear of many atheist families.

Try these groups; they mau know of some assoc. near you.

21st Century Humanism Meetup, Alpharetta
Atlanta Freethought Society
Atlanta Atheists Meetup, The
Augusta Freethought Society
Black Nonbelievers of Atlanta
Fayette Freethought Society
Fellowship of Reason
Humanists of Georgia, Smyrna
Peachtree Freethinkers Club
Sunday Assembly Atlanta


Why would it be any different?

"Why would it be any different?"


I don't know what part of the world you are from but in my part of the country there are virtually no (available) atheist women around. If I lowered my standards to accept theists, I could burn a great deal of my life with physically attractive but intellectually encumbered women.

However, I believe a positive relationship should be based on mutual respect and honesty. As an atheist, I can not respect a person who bases their belief system on the dishonest premise that faith (belief without evidence) is a methodology to determine (Truth) things that are testable and demonstrated to be correct with evidence. My high standards for truth and honesty do not allow me to accept such a person as a significant part of my life.

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