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Struggling to pay rent is NOT a joke.

HippieChick58 9 Nov 10

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FOX (Fiction, Obloquy and Xenophobia)


To them, Cortez is a loser (proven by her financial circumstances) and therefore, unworthy of the post. Because that's what conservatives do anymore, they sort people into "worthy" and "less than" down to and including "not a person".


Yes! The politicians they don't like are either fake because they're not poor or they're to be made fun of because they ARE poor. Hypocritical assholes.


They have no clue what reality is.


Yeah, every time I hear about Faux News or hear from them, Madam Guillotine looks more and more attractive.


It shows how out of touch they are. Too bad most of their viewers won't catch that.

It has always amazed me how the poorest of them stand around cheering for someone who couldn't possible imagine how their lives actually are and who talks about poor people like they are despicable - and they don't realize he's talking about THEM. They all believe they are just one winning lotto ticket away from being just like tRump.

@Lavergne I’d say you just described around 98% of that basket of deplorables..

@Lavergne "Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires", ~John Steinbeck

@ailurophile Exactly! And how sad is that?

@Lavergne Very sad. The American Dream mythos has permeated US culture to the point of being poisonous.. it's much harder to realize than it was, and more people are one paycheck away from being "poor" themselves.

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