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Do you give money to homeless people? There are more people than ever living on our streets sadly, for whatever reason. I always feel bad for walking by, especially with the winter approaching. We're advised by local government not to give money but to contact the local shelter. I think there may be many reasons why people are in this situation and there may not be room in these shelters or other reasons why people do not engage with support services. So what's your approach?

I'd like your feedback even if you can't see an option that applies to you below.

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ValJ 7 Nov 14

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Here in Florida, every clump of trees, or patch of bushes has one of the 'Sans Domiciles' residing therein. The Rich should thank their lucky stars, that the 'Sans Domiciles' aren't as yet cognizant of the REAL cause of their suffering. Then, it might start to looking like 1787 in France, with the 'Sans Cullottes' rising up!


On a couple of occasions I have encountered people begging for help outside a fish and chip shop, In one case I gave the young lady the price of fish and chips and she shot straight into to the shop and ordered, and in the other, I got a separate order and passed it to him as I passed. Both people expressed gratitude. If just one of those people was helped, it was money well spent in my opinion. Putting that aside, the most valuable thing you can do for any one in need of help is to volunteer some time. By relieving the need for paid help in this way, you can you can free up funds to run the organization so that it helps more people. As my own funds are limited and the work keeps me active, this is an ideal solution for me, .


When I was much younger, I was homeless for a few months. One way I got off the street and caught some sleep was to go to the waiting room at the local hospital's emergency room. Everyone assumed I was there waiting for someone. I was also donating blood plasma the maximum times per week allowed. Low on iron? Go buy a meal of liver and onions. It was just enough money to buy food when the Krishnas weren't serving.

I give money when I can. Having been homeless, I would have welcomed the money for all sorts of things... travel sized toiletries, warm socks, a movie matinee to get out of the cold or heat for a few hours, to call my mom (this was before cell phones) , and lie to her that I was ok, etc...

Some reasons people don't want to sleep in shelters: Some shelters can be rough, so you're in danger of being robbed of what little you have; most shelters don't allow pets; some won't allow people in who've been drinking; many shelters segregate the sexes; etc...


Since I sometimes worry where the money would go I prefer just buying them lunch Etc

lerlo Level 8 Nov 18, 2018

I have a glove box full of granola bars. I give them out to the people that beg at exit ramps and stop lights.


Everyone has a story, homeless or not. I give as much as I can, when I can. It takes a nanosecond for your life to change.
There for the grace of fuck knows, go I. If I can change the course of someone’s life with a smile, imagine what a smile and a dollar could do. Share the love. ✌?✌?✌?


I live in a rural area and never see any.

Back when I still had a car, I used to pick-up a veteran who was camped out in the woods somewhere... year around, here in Vermont. But true, one often doesn't see homeless people in rural areas.


In NY it was a daily thing and I tried to give as often as I could. Now where I work I have co-workers although not homeless, in really rough spots and I rather give food or money to them when I can.


I've lived in downtown neighbourhoods where I see the same people all the time. Like it or not, they are neighbours. I give them some money from time to time. If they spend it on food, great. If they spend it on drugs or booze, that's fine too. I'm not going to judge their lives.


I've been homeless, and it's nae fun. Having looked into the problem before it happened, I found myself prepared with knowledge about what to do, and so my daughter and myself could get through that storm of life quite dry so to speak.

@ValJ Not as big as the old place, but the housing association put up solar panels and are trying to update the heating by end of September 2018 - Scottish & Southern Energy are holding that off until at least spring 2019! Maybe even mid summer. The hill is Mormond hill, I'm on the edge of the village. After being made homeless and put into extremely nice high quality temporary housing of similar size in a seaside village for two months, we were illegally handed over to a housing association by Aberdeenshire council. Decided it would be far too stupid not to accept this.

@Sofabeast Illegally handed over, but it turned out to be a good thing? If Twitler doesn't destroy the social safety net, I might be able to get a house.

Glad to hear you were prepared. I wasn't, but I had a car at the time. Almost ended up sleeping in it with my two fab felines, but thankfully... I didn't have to.

@ailurophile Fortunately the housing association allowed the keeping of three cats, instead of two. Had to re-home the other three, who at least went togther


I rarely give cash directly to homeless people. Mostly because I don't have cash on me very often. I do give them food and other items. I volunteer at places nearby and take a lot of food to shelters.

@ValJ Terrible that we (British) have any food banks at all. We shouldn't have that level of poverty. I fear that Brexit if not stopped will make it worse.
That was the view of a major foodbank charity CEO in Aberdeen back in 2017 when he was doing the budgeting for 2018/19. I got bumped up a year college wise to check out the charity for volunteering opportunities.
Food bank are something we study quite closely on my course. There are solutions, but the government chooses to blame those in poverty for being in poverty. Rather than dealing with the problem themselves. Still, could be a general election again soon!


I don't make a practice of handing cash to panhandlers. That said, I will sometimes "tip" someone for a unique rap, blatant honesty or just making me laugh.


I'm not comfortable giving them money.
I sometimes buy them gatorade and food though or I drop off some groceries at the homeless shelter.

@ValJ Yes it does.


I support causes that assist the homeless ... shelters, missions, a project in a nearby town that provides basic housing and job assistance, mental health services, etc. I do not give money to panhandlers, especially because local officials have warned (and this is a very liberal local government) that scamming is widespread here. There are people who actually make very good money doing it.

Supporting organized services for the homeless insures they are properly vetted and minimizes outright gifts going to substance abuse or otherwise wasted. Not that 100% of homeless do this, but it's not uncommon. Some of them are mentally unwell and just make bad or irrational decisions around money. There's a reason those folks are homeless, it is not 100% shit falling from the sky in every case (although such cases aren't uncommon, either).


I some times give money and I have bought homeless people food. If I give them money, I don't care how they spend it since it is no longer my money.

OMG, thank you for that. Hell, I am not going to be morally judgmental because I deigned to spare then a few goddamn dollars. They can do whatever they want to do with it. They clearly need it more than I do.

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