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Don't you just hate it when you get carded for cereal?
I've been carded for spray paint. I rarely get carded for alcohol. My last ammo purchase was for 925 RDS. Never carded. He's cereal. Super, super cereal.


TheGreatShadow 9 Nov 15

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I bought cereal for the first time in a year or two spontaneously and I just ate half a family sized box of reeses puffs. Ive never been more cereal in all my life.


Guys, it's time to get cereal about this.

Milo Level 5 Nov 15, 2018

It appears satan has entered the building... When should I start to worry?

@Wurlitzer It's definitely time to consider thinking about worrying.


Well at my age if someone wants to card me I just laugh and say “no problem” and just chuckle... lol.


Cereal? Wtf?


Was traveling and needed to go on to a military base to use their credit union ATM my Veteran ID has me with hat hair and scruffy face the poor guard had to share at me about a minute to make sure it was me.


My drug store cards young punks and little old ladies alike, buying nail polish remover (an ingredient in meth) but so far never have seen for cereal and milk.

I had a hazmat endorsement. A certian amount of nail polish is hazmat.


Yeah.....I get that all the time also.....what a bitch


I've been carded for compressed air. Something about the propellants being used for huffing.

Yep. One reason why I was carded for spray paint. That and vandalism.


Cereal killers?


Only happens for Lucky Charms in case migrant leprechauns are trying to sneak in. Or Fruit Loops - guess why. Rice Krispies are okay, three little white guys.

But if they are white without visas, I think it's okay. He doesn't want any of those dark skin people here...

Maybe Captain Crunch has been smuggling in illegal items or people.


This is why I should be able to follow him around and slap him whenever he lies.

Slap? Buy a "belt buckle".


Hey, you could be a cereal killer.

I'm a cannibalistic cereal killer. I throw it in the trunk, in a bag. Then when I get home slice the top off with a knife. Eat the insides with milk. 😀

@TheGreatShadow I dressed up my SO as a cereal killer for a Halloween party once. Bloody giant Mini Wheat with an axe.

@graceylou In university, I went to a Halloween party where a guy was dressed like a knight with a strangely shaped shield. What was the shape, a liver, he was Sir Rhosis of the Liver, (Cirrhosis).


I had to show my passport to buy a box of Count Chocula last week.

Are you serious?

@TheGreatShadow Totally! I was gonna buy Cream of Wheat but they said I'd have to leave a DNA sample for hot cereal. I put my foot down and said NO to that!

@Sgt_Spanky Bullshit! I know white things are okay. PFFFF. Almost had me for a second at first tho.

@TheGreatShadow LOL - Can't blame me for trying.

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