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If God created the whole universe out of nothing, how come he needed Adam’s rib to create a woman?

Marcel3405 7 Nov 16

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He didn't need to invent the whole wheel again.

Jacar Level 8 Nov 17, 2018

By the same token, why did he need the dust of the earth to make Adam?


So man would spend his life looking for the perfect missing piece.?


Cause god ran out of nothing, so had to get something...maybe...sort of

I was thinking it was almost out of finite reserves of creation magic, so no more 'something out of nothing.' After it formed the woman - its greatest creation ever - from the rib it took without asking, all of its creation magic was permanently used up. It makes sense with the storyline, because after that point nothing else was created. The only magic it had left was destruction magic...and it relied on that for the rest of the story... destroying as much people as it could... even planning on destroying the lives of all of it's world's future population that would not be born as gullible as its worshippers.

@Return2Sender Or something like that


I just want to know who created the deity in the first place?


HA!. That's a good one 🙂

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