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So, what they gunna do about it?
Let's see the superior morals of this blue wave in action.


powder 8 Nov 16

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Won't be hard to do after that red tide the last two years.

godef Level 7 Nov 17, 2018

What I would like to see is.. all NATO countries agree to stop buying their oil.

I want to see what they do. Election over, time for talk over. Let's have action......or are they full of shite and business as usual


What morals? They all have had some drug conviction snowballed with paper work they all have a call girl/boy on the side they ripoff the American tax payer off on a daily basis with some petty law suit. If that is morals would hate to see what clean living looks like.

You talking about Republicans? They elected 3 more criminals and a dead pimp.

@DenoPenno Talking about the entire clan of them.



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