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Having a bit of a spat with my son 49 years old I am 70y.o. sort of strange!

jacpod 8 Nov 17

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I empathize. I'm 73. My 28 year old son claims to be an atheist, but hates me because of my active opposition to Islam.


Our children have their own ideas and opinions and some of them won’t be the same as yours.


Why do you find it strange, after all they have their own ideas about the world and how it should be.


As long as it’s a bit of a spat and not a full blown war, it’s all good. Our kids are people in their own right if we did our job as parents right. That means we will not always agree. It’s how we handle the disagreements that counts. Do we respect our differences, or like children, hold steadfast to our position with no room for dissent? I hope you work things out.


I can see that happening @jacpod You & your son are two separate & likely different people.... were you expecting he would be your clone? Just because you share DNA doesn’t mean you agree on everything

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