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Who is that one musical voice that sets your soul straight?

Ride_Captain 7 Feb 9

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Have you all heard this kid though? Blows me away

It's Taj Mahal right now

and Bonnie Raitt/John Prine

So now I am off to my playlist on you tube. The tunes must flow. See you all later!

It's Aretha for me today 🙂


David Bowie

I was a "sucker" for Let's Dance... it was the Disco Days.

For me, it was the 1970’s David Bowie. @GipsyOfNewSpain

@Breathe He did a lot in the 70's reinventing himself a few times.


Allison Krauss has the voice of an angel and I'm currently enamored of Hoziers voice and music.

@NerdyOkieDude lucky! I've never heard her live sadly but I'm sure she's amazing.

She has a beautiful voice.

I would also go with the voice of an angel.

@NerdyOkieDude Have seen her live with the old band. And Jerry Douglas and the dobro.
Jerry Douglas has had two visits to Portland that we've attended also.


Natalie Merchant

I just like the one maniac. @Stevil

Great singer with a nice vibrato in her voice.


Johnny Cash. The Pretenders. Linda Rondstant. Stevie Nicks. Bruce Springsteen. All depends upon my mood.

Ohub Level 7 Feb 9, 2018

There is no one answer and u are correct about the mood factor. Good artist choice


Tiny Tim.



Karen Carpenter or Linda Ronstadt.

Ya, Parkinson's got her. Terrible...


Rhiannon Giddens

I like the attentiveness of the band


@btroje everyone got caught in the moment but you need to see the whole documentary... Another Day, Another Time... the reaction of some of the musicians backstage was worth being there. The performance made her a Star.


Tom Petty.


Glenn Frey or Timothy B. Schmit from the Eagles. Ahhh, memories....


From Hotel California to the Smugglers Blues.

I know he's just playing the piano, but I love this live version of this song.


@Piece2YourPuzzle Don Henley's voice is fabulous in that video, also. Thanks for sharing that! I was lucky enough to see them live a couple years ago, before Glenn Frey died. It was almost a religious experience. haha

@Stevil That would be a great concert!


My Very Significant Semi-Other. She's a good soprano and a brilliant voice teacher (not to mention a gifted director).


Sara Bareilles. I have many others, but the past 15 years, this woman has just done amazing things, and she's just about as genuine as they come.

I think she's underrated. She also just wrote the music to and stars in (with Jason Mraz), for a short time, a new show on Broadway called "Waitress".

@Piece2YourPuzzle Oh indeed. It's a great musical. (I've only pieced together what I could from youtube.. lol)


At one time, Joan Baez and Judy Collins. Maybe still; although, I think my soul left sometime ago.


I don't actually know the name of the singer or band members, but - Firefall "Just remember I love you" does it for me.

@Stevil I remembered another song from it that I love even more though it is less well known - Dolphin's Lullaby.


She doesn't produce much at all, but this girl's version of "Evil Angel" by Breaking Benjamin is always stirring:


Judy Garland in her later years.


A Jimmy Buffet Concert was on my bucket list for 30+ years. Never happened, not going to happen.


So many to chose from. Ronnie James Dio to the Gibb brothers. And so many more


Glenn Danzig has always done that for me


My favorite singer would have to be Alison Krauss. Think she sings like an "Angel"., whatever that means.


John Mellencamp, my bf! ????


Sarah Brightman, Steven Wilson, David Wilcox, Bruce Dickenson, Jake Labotz, Lisa Gerrard, Damian Wilson, Harry Chapin, Danny Elfman, Trishia Yearwood, George Strait, Ann Wilson, Petulia Clark, David Bowie and Sufjan Stevens.

It's called Eye Of The Hurricane, actually. David Wilcox has been around for quite some time, and has put out a number of records. A few are exceptional. Most are at least good. But he'll probably never top his first album. That was a masterpiece from first note to last.


There are so many but these ladies I dig.

This woman's voice blows me away and I totally dig this song as well.

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