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I love Leah Remini. She exposed scientology and now she’s going after jehovah’s witnesses!

helionoftroy 7 Nov 18

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I'm an ex-JW so I would love to see these shows. Can I see them online?

She has some blue whale ovaries that woman...I love her!!
Xena Level 6 Nov 18, 2018

I’m all about exposing Scientology, but the JWs seem like such good people. They’d be the last I would expose. Let’s start with the big 3 before going after the fringe.

You need to watch her show.

After watching that first 2 hour show about the JWs I'm utterly convinced they're as terrible as any other large religion. It was horrifying.

What they expose their children to? As bad as anything I endured as a Roman Catholic.

I also have a good friend who didn't "come out to me" as a JW until a year after we began talking online. She's still my friend knowing I am an atheist - but her life is incredibly limited - and I feel for her. It's the way she was raised and if she leaves she leaves all that she's known her whole life.

My ex sister-in-law was/is JW. Her family ostracized her for being married to my brother. But, she's back in the fold now. She, and her family, are the must judgemental people I have ever met. She has conditioned the kids to be the same way. I could tell you many horror stories of how these "good people" really think. Watch the show and educate yourself.


I’d love to see all these cults be exposed.


I have seen the jehovah’s witnesses eposide and never realized how similar the indoctrination is to Scientology,especially how they Ostracize family members who wish to leave the religion .

I lost a great family member to the JW's

I never understood how people could become so indoctrinated by religion but yes people who expose it for the fraud it is are braver than I am as the religous folks are truly lost and consider you to be radical if you argue with them about their religous beliefs.

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