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What the frock

RobertMartin 8 Nov 18

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A specious argument. Marriage or not has nothing to do with child abuse. In fact, the amount of those priests who were pedophiles is not too far off of the national or world average. The secondary crime which allowed the first crime to be epidemic was the silence by and the cover up of the crimes by so many in the church hierarchy. Those crimes allowed criminal priests to continue committing crimes while others looked away and hid the facts from the public. For them, a return to burning at the stake would be too nice; bring out some tools from the Spanish Inquisition and then watch them suffer.

They won't expect that.


"Fewer" problems."Fewer" is used when discussing countable things, while less is used for singular mass nouns.


It's so simple, get rid of celibacy, fewer problems. Why hasn't the poop come to that conclusion? The simple reason is that whenever there is a change in the church especially one as big as this, people would leave in droves. Molest kids no problem, make a change they're outta here.


Of course!



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