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This really resonates with me. How about you?

Carolyne 6 Nov 21

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SO many people these days and especially on here want to make life a constant quest to.....find themselves because they are so pitifully lost.Your post is a breath of fresh air.THANKEE...Very cool


So very true!


On my way!?


Hear! Hear! I completely agree.


Very true. Recognise doctrine, rules and laws developed by groups, for what it is. Then you may avoid what's unnecessary.


You can`t unlearn only modify what you have come to understand as your behavioral norms. Could not see my self-being nieve and unwise.


Definitely unlearning the things that make you unhappy and away from what your gut tells you how things should be for you. Not sure I was ever "myself" but I'm sure trying to become the person I want to be, shedding all other expectations.


I agree, with the addition that we ARE all of those things as well. We evolved to be those things. We evolved to be part of a pack or a tribe, and to share in those values. We don't exist outside of those things. So we accept it all... the part of us that has been shaped by generations of ancestors and cultural development. Thanks to consciousness, we can choose to expand our 'tribe' and embrace the diversity that is also evolution. By recognizing ourselves as 'products of evolution' we can work through all those things prevent us from evolving further.


Before your parents tried did their best to beat into you who you really are.

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