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More shit from the orange guy in the WH.

HippieChick58 9 Feb 11

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TrumpOLINI master of lies like MUSSolini


When the orange one speaks , . . . ? ? ?

Dougy Level 7 Feb 11, 2018

What's disconcerting is that most of his faithful followers will take him at his word. Even if Trump is aware of his own BS, he's confident his fans won't do a fact check.

Even if they do a fact check, and find the truth, they, somehow, proceed to will themselves to believe him. Deplorable!

I agree that his followers are not very intelligent. I don't like him either, but I don't name call. I didn't call Obama names, even though I don't like him much either. I think acting like Trump and stooping to his level isn't the proper, or mature response.

@jayneonacobb Is this directed at me or the OP?

@VictoriaNotes it's directed at the post. I don't make personal attacks unless I've been attacked. Well, the first part was me agreeing with your response.

@jayneonacobb Thanks for the clarification.

@VictoriaNotes no problem.

@jayneonacobb A 167 IQ and two Masters indicate intelligentsia....Don't you think?

The core trump brigade actually have more in common with a cult than a political movement. It's faith based. You know what it's like talking to faith based people. Facts, history, reality just don't matter. Their 'faith' is all that matters. Typically when people vote for a politician after a bit they'll say 'Well I like this but I don't like that about him or her." They weigh it up, good and bad. But not the Trump base. 'No!!! He's making America great again!'s the fake media!... It's the swamp...."etc. It doesn't matter what you say. You can't criticise a cult leader to the followers, even when he's screwing them over, figuratively and literally. Either they wake up about a false prophet or they don't. Watching Trump basers in interviews I see pure cult. Now, the hard core republican types, they're different. They know Trump is pure dirtbag, but they don't care. If he manages to bring in the republican 'screw everybody over except the rich' agenda, then nothing else matters. Trumpism is faith-based politics, not political ideology.

@DUCHESSA @VictoriaNotes @WizardBill @HippieChick58 Who are you referring to, Duchess? Trump has a bachelor degree in economincs (yeah, surprised me too) and is less educated than every predident since Harry Truman. He also did not graduate with honors. Trum'ps IQ is not truly that high.


@DUCHESSA I should say that many aren't very intelligent. Some don't use theirs, and others support him because they believe he's doing well. I don't follow him, I support some of his policies, not all.

@David1955 I would make the argument that liberalism is more of an indoctrination culture, as far as politics are concerned. How is lowering middle class taxes faith based?

@EllenDale Somebody said "his followers are not too intelligent" With the 167 IQ and the two Masters I was referring to myself.

@jayneonacobb Now you fixed it...almost perfectly.


@jayneonacobb cut middle taxes! That's a laugh. Even from Australia looking at your Trump we know he's cut rich taxes the most, and those middle class-lower class cuts minimal as they are will evaporate in a few years, while the richie's taxes will go on. Wake up friend! What class do you really think Trump represents?

@David1955 well, considering that I know for a fact that most of my friends and family paid far less in taxes this year I'd have to say that his tax cuts for the middle class are real. Most of those people pages between 25 - 35 % less than they normally do. The rich tax cuts? More like .25%.

Income tax isn't legal in the us anyway. The IRS is a criminal organization according to our actual laws.


How about that last black one we used to have. Man, his skin was a weird color. -_-

Do you not see the problem here? I don't like him either, but you only debase yourself by name calling. I hated Obama's policies, but I never called him names, or belittled the man for trying to do what he thought was right.

@jayneonacobb I DO see a problem here. You don't see a person whose policies you dislike you see a color. And that, my dear Jayne, makes you a racist. And racism is very ugly. Unlike those of us who despise a sexual predator in the WH, you WILL see another person of color besides Caucasian elected sgain. Get used to it. This one will be charged soon.

@EllenDale the opening of my post is sarcastic. It's literally calling the left out on their racism. I'm not racist, but apparently you are.

@jayneonacobb calling him orange is because he sprays himself orange. Obama was born with his skin color. You can't make me racist by just calling me one. However your language was racist and that's how humans spot one. If you're not racist, Jayne, watch your language.

@EllenDale let me ask you something. What race do you think I am? Once again, my statement was satire. I was lampooning the OP. I can't believe you don't understand that. Was Dave Chappell racist for his Clayton Bigsby skit too? Same thing. Also maybe you need to finish reading my response. It seems like you didn't.

@EllenDale he wouldn't be orange from his spray tan if he wasn't white. That makes the OP racist. Are you not responding because you realized you are wrong and are embarassed, or did you rage quit because you're wrong?

We were all black once, but it matters not one iota to me what race you allude to for yourself. Sarcasm is "the use of irony to mock or convey contempt." Irony means "the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect. (most common/frequent meaning) and "a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result." (second most common/frequent meaning) (Emphasis mine)

Racism can exist against one's own race, and racism can be understood when the example fails. If he were born orange then those who ridicule him would be racists or if Obama sprayed tanned himself to his color, this would all be moot. I admit when I'm wrong, Jaynie, and I'm not.

Now who's being condescending? It doesn't upset or bother me. You bring a knife to a gun fight, as they say. Come back, Jaynie, when you have 6 years of higher education under your belt, and it's a fair fight.

@jayneonacobb Do some research. Spray tans are not nor have ever been a race, so it cannot be racist.

@EllenDale a degree doesn't mean shit. I know doctors who are morons. It's not a fair fight, you're right, you're using false shaming tactics to push your racist agenda. Sarcasm was auto corrected from satire. Let's take a look at the op, but if it were about Obama. "More shit from the black guy in the WH" that is a racist statement, so why is it not when you mention trumps skin color? Are you sure it's actually a spray tan? Even if it is a spray tan it's still a racist comment because you're making fun of how a product looks on his skin. If I said Obama looked less ashy now that he uses lotion, it would be a racist comment. That's the problem here. Get off your elitist high horse. Elon Musk doesn't give a fuck about your degree, and neither do I.

@EllenDale also, no I'm not "seeing their color" i litterally stated that i don't like his policies. You're the one who added a racist connotation to my clearly non racist comment. You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means. Nice skirting of my question too, btw. I saw it coming. I'll answer it for you because you're afraid to. Everyone I've ever met thinks I'm white, I'm not.

@EllenDale If spray tan isn't racist, then why is black face racist? Same goal, different degree.

@jayneonacobb What planet are you from that has orange people? You don't count when it comes to my degrees. My employers paid me very well to use it. And the only people think Im on a high horse are the low class, IF they understand, which you obviously don't. Spray tan = color of skin we're born With! LMMFAO. Done with you

@EllenDale you are blinded by your liberalism. You can't even see your hypocracy. You just don't understand how you're being tricked by this PC shit. You're not even posing arguments. You're just going "nanananana fuck you nananana" with your fingers in your ears. As far as your degree goes, thats just six years of liberal brainwashing masquerading as education.


lol no one thinks he should be president, not even him.

It's like Brewsters millions.

@jayneonacobb THAT is sarcasm well done!

That wasn't sarcastic. I really think he didn't actually plan to win. I think he was running for the publicity and happened to win because Hillary was such a bad choice and liberals got so bitchy and smug over the last 8 years.


Everything that comes out of his mouth or that he types out with his tiny little hands is BS.

Let me ask you: All the illegals he deported...were BS? Removing the Legal Status if the person committed a also BS?

@DUCHESSA it seems this post struck a nerve with you. You've commented on what a lot of other people have said and got upset. I don't like DT or anything about his slimy ass and that's ok. Same goes to you if you like that type of person, its ok. Your over reaction seems like voters remorse to me. It's ok to admit he is not the best decision for this country and move on. Arguing to prove a point on why you voted for him is a waste of time, just to make yourself feel better. Nothing you say can make him look any less the moron then he makes himself look everything day with that damn Tweeter account.

I will say this -and I am repeating myself. I am not attempting to prove any point and I don't regret voting for him since he is doing what I voted him in for: Illegal immigration.
Now, what always struck a nerve with me is people who think they know what is in my mind...Get the hing?


Donald Trump is clearly defective. Somebody tell me he's still under warranty!


Nothing that comes out of his mouth is worth repeating....maybe he could try and talk out of his ass!


The man is doing exactly what his supporters voted him into office to do. We are witnesses to this circus and the old adage about, "it only takes one good person to do nothing...." is very pertinent.

I voted him in because the immigration problem in USA...and, indeed, he is doing what I wanted him to do. I won't be harassed for expressing my opinion at the voting place.

@DUCHESSA. Who are you referring to when you state that you are being harassed? If your feelings get bruised by anothers opinion then you should refrain from posting. You also state that your "I.Q" is above average, well IF that is true then you should know that stating ones position on a subject isnt harassment, its just opinion.


he is such a dick

you have such a way with words!! Couldn't have said it better myself.

Actually,, I like dicks more than I like Donald Trump.

actually, I'm straight and so do i.


Sweet mother of all fucks...
How... Just how...
Why is this funk wit's twitter account still active?
Does no one in the WH know you have to take a Toddler's toys away if he's doing dumb shit?
Can we instead maybe get him a fork and a wall outlet to play with?

I'm done... I can't believe it's been a year of this shit already.

I like the fork and wall outlet idea.


Shocked! I am Shocked, I say, that Cheeto could be wrong about Facts! Again!


Trump or not Trump....the fact is the DACA people are here illegal;y. Ask the Latinos who are legal residents / citizens and they will tell you..... more than the Americans..... that the DACA people should go.
And yes, the DACA issue was on the agenda of several Presidents.

No compassion here? These people didn't ask to be brought here illegally. They were raised here and Mexico (or wherever they're from) is as much a foreign country to them as it is to us. How would you like to be shipped off to a foreign country where you might not even know the language for something you had no control over????

@Amy0825 If we go to the "compassion arena" every person who became a murderer thanks to their parents mistreating them should go unpunished?

They didn't have control THEN....but they are young adults now and in the same way many of them REGULARIZED their status years ago...the others should have done the same.

You have to know...and understand.... the mentality of most Latinos; for them official papers are an unnecessary burden....Yes, they grew up here but did so under the umbrella of the Latino mentality.

@DUCHESSA Generalizations are trump's forte. Don't go there Duchessa

@EllenDale I know the Latino mentality....generalization fits here all the way.

@DUCHESSA That's how -isms begin. Shame on you.

@EllenDale No, no shame at all. I know the Latinos / I hear what they say / I know how they pretend to live in this country but following their own rules....No, dear, no shame at all

@DUCHESSA @Amy0825 You cannot "know" Latinos. You can only know the ones you have met and interacted with. Even at your age, you couldn't have possibly met and gotten to know them all.

@EllenDale After living 27 years among them in my other country...and 38years among them, me, I know their they know mine. Also, I spent 26+ years teaching them.

Obviously to try to inform you on this subject is pointless.

@DUCHESSA generalizations always are to me--pointless. I have lots of blonde jokes!


No no You all don't understand. What he says are facts. They are just "alternative facts".


It still never fails to surprise me the plethora of useless incorrect lies that come out of his mouth that the trumplodites believe! They really need to come out of their caves and watch something besides Fox News!

Don't say that, you'll trigger them then they will retreat further into their cave and start watching Alex Jones.


'Face palm' How does he not realize that the Republicans have now been in "control" of all three branchs of government for an entire year and have not solved the DACA problem that Trump created.

@irascible I really want to believe he isn't that clueless and he is using the media frenzy over stupid tweets to hide the things they are doing since the media seem incapable of doing more than rehashing his tweets adnausium most days. I really don't know which is worse that he is a clueless loose cannon or a calculating heartless man.

Trump didn't create DACA....the parents of those kids did. DACA is on the works for is TPS

@Donna_I I don't think he is clueless, I think he just does not care about anything that doesn't promote his 'brand' and make him money NOW. Even if it would be better in the long run, he won't support it because he is incapable of seeing past the now.

@icolan as depressing as that is I thing you are probably correct.

@DUCHESSA I realize. He did, however, recind the Preidential order without having a solution worked out creating chaos.

@Donna_I Allow me to ask you: Why didn't Bush or Obama do it...why they didn't find a solution?

@DUCHESSA really... if you want a history lesson go read it. Neither of them is responsible for Mr. Trumps actions.

@Donna_I My a Latina I am more aware of DACA and TPS than you may think. Now, since GW Bush and Obama were in office when these two programs were implemented...I ask you again "Why they didn't solve the problem then? "
Again, both Presidents had this two problems in their hands way before DT became president and they paid no mind to the situation.

@DUCHESSA I am no mind reader and have no additional information for you on why Mr. Bush and Mr. Obama did or didn't do what they did. It is what it is. For now Mr. Trump, is in my opinion, making a hash of it but maybe he will surpise us all and pull this one out.

@Donna_I No need to be a mind reader. You blame Trump but, conveniently, ignore the fact this problem....DACA....could have been settled long time before DT became President.


So what's new? I agree with who ever wrote those words...'this guy shouldn't be president'!!!


I'd call Trump a Nincompoop but that would actually be an insult to Nincompoops who are otherwise harmless people. They say his daily intelligence 'briefs' were dumbed down for him, but they are still too hard so they are dumbing them down even further. My (nonexistent) God!

Lol. And he wants people to believe he's a stable genius!


I'm thinking you should create a group and call it TrumPinata 🙂

Admin Level 8 Feb 11, 2018

That's actually a good idea

@Admin If anyone has the power to do that, you do!

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