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This has not happened to me, yet; but I would bet someone here has lost, or somehow destroyed, their cellphone at one time or another.

My question is; what did you do to retrieve all the data/information that was on your phone, assuming you were able to?

I am very meticulous and mindful about not doing things like losing my phone, but it's always a possibility. Any responses are welcome.

Condor5 8 Nov 27

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If you backed all your information up on Google you will be able to retrieve it.


If you had back to all your information up on Google you can retrieve it!

Gotcha, thanks.


Google drive, free, 15G of cloud storage. Been a lifesaver several times. Also, occasionally export your contacts, then place said file on drive. That's how I keep my stuff safe.

eStop Level 6 Dec 1, 2018


@Condor5 you're welcome

Yep. Google drive has saved my data from destruction also.


The only thing I know is plugging in a phone with a broken screen into a computer if the phone doesn't have an SD card you can transfer. With an SD card, you can retrieve that data plugging it into a new phone or a card reader. I've never managed to break an SD card when a phone was smashed.



Save early, save often.

There are two types of data. Backed up data and lost data.


Ok my phone is sadly an extension of me. So that's never happened prolly never will because I'll come looking ??. Almost lost it today while I'm talking. Had to re park and walk all the way back to the office I left it. Is also funny to watch strangers react when you do things like drop it or the pat dance. They are like feeling your angst like it's thier own ? phones can't live with them..

Jaed Level 5 Nov 28, 2018

I attach an importance to my phone, and would get anxious if I couldn't find it, but I wouldn't freak out; at least I don't think I would. But I did do what several commenters here suggested, a backup. It's fascinating how such a device, which was merely an in-home convenience when I was growing up (yes, I'm old) has become so indispensable to so many people now.


I never really had to deal with this problem, but still I tend to backup my phone to my computer (and iCloud). My wife had to replace her battery of her iPhone 6 (Apple replacement program). They couldn't get it to start up again, and after 90 minutes waiting she got a new phone. I had made a backup before, so restoring the content was easy. I did the same (battery replacement) myself with an older iPhone, and could not get it working again. Too bad, but I had it already replaced, so it was empty. Sjit happens (I know that is not how to write it but it gets met trough censorship, just like bullflip, fluck, crunt, etc.).

Gert Level 7 Nov 28, 2018

I completely agree. After losing one of my phones I became a staunch believer in auto backup. Google and apple. Have been thru several phones painlessly.

No censorship here, Gert, you can say all 7 of Carlin's banned words if you want.?

@Condor5 I know, it was not here that I was talking about. Just a general awareness about my life and language in the US. In the Netherlands I wasn't used to sensitivity in language, unless you would visit the King. And even then, he would not blink an eye.

@Gert I would not about that, as I have never visited a king. I did once have a dog named King, however.

@Condor5 Hahaha, it's all beside the issue, but in the Netherlands, where I have my roots, they have a king, but nobody would ever consider it an offense if someone called his dog King, or even King Willem-Alexander or even Queen Maxima. Nobody cares. Well, nobody ………, there are always deviants 🙂.


Some times I've been left with info I can remember. Welcome to the 21st century any phone should be able to retrieve everything from wherever it was...

Good to know, thanks.


Last time a phone failed me it was a Windows phone so the data on it was synchronised with my windows desktop and tablet. Not that I ever recommend getting a Windows phone now that MS has pulled out of the market. Be proactive and either use a built in backup or a backup app.

WayT Level 1 Nov 27, 2018

there are back up programs and apps. i learned the hard way the new phones don't have sims cards like my flip phone has.


Have never had an expensive phone ...left mine in supermarket ..went back ..gone .
Kept mesaging and phoning my number ...relentlessly... On my son 's phone..until eventually it was answered by a teenage girl .My phone looked like an i-phone ...but was not ...think when she got home ..realised how un -cool it was ...not the phone to be seen with ..
Got it back ... !!!! The moral here being ...
Invest un a totally un cool phone ..that no one wants to be seen with ...and if you lose it ...greater chance of getting it back !!!
Result !!!!

I don't have an expensive phone like an i-phone; those kinds of tech are beyond my needs.

@Condor5 Me a technophobic dinosaur!

@Jaydee123 I'm more of an amoeba in the tech realm. ?

@Condor5 Can empathize totally !?


Upload backups to the cloud?
both iPhone and Android do this easily


How about you get a phone pouch and have it around your neck, sleep with it, shower with it, never ever leave it, and you will be ok.

You know I could do that. But I think I'd kill myself first.

@Condor5 Bah, you are being so dramatic.

@Jolanta Shakespearean, albeit.


i have had cellphones die on me. i could not retrieve the info. i do try to remember to transfer pictures and such from it to the computer at every opportunity, even though apart from what comes through the camera stuff gets transferred from the computer to the phone more often. i have the ringtones on the computer, or at least i hope i do, so i can reuse those on a new phone. samsung or google saves my contacts so i don't have to replace those from phone to phone as long as i keep using their services, which i like and thus intend to do. it's good to be mindful about not losing the phone but it's also good to be mindful about backing up your data!



Your phone should have a back up/restore app that will save your data either to a memory card or cloud location.

Thx. And how is that accessed?


You should have an icon on your phone that is called apps. Open that and scroll down to back up/restore/ I am using an Android phone but Apple should be similar.

@Bierbasstard ??


Make regular backups of your data.


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