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Only a few crazy religions and backwards countries allow Gentile Mutilation. The United States is one. Isn't it time for intelligence to overcome this barbaric procedure?[]

frosty2k 4 Feb 11

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genital and yes 70% of those poor american boys with scar tissue instead of the most sensitive part of the penis .



Just for the record, how many people who have commented in favour of male circumcision feel the same re female circumcision, ie just removal of the clitoral hood?


Not having a penis makes my opinion irrelevant. Carry on.

Not so! your opinion does count. You certainly have as much right to an opinion on this subject as all those men in the legislators who make laws on what women can or cannot do to or with their bodies! My opinion for about 40 years was that it (circumcision) must be necessary because everyone seemed to approve of it. Research and personal experience convinced me that there is probably (outside of skin cancer to the foreskin) no reasonable excuse for doing it to either sex. As far as looks, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It changes with circumstances -- like viewing a storm from afar or from within.

@frosty2k I agree with your point. I agree that no government entity has any business restricting any woman from accessing any legal medical procedure, and they need to butt the fuck out. I also agree that any kind of genital mutilation is wrong, I don't care what anyone's culture believes about it. However, I am trying to practice what I preach. If I don't want anyone telling women what to do with their bodies, I'm not about to start telling men what to do with their own. If I had a son, I would have a valid reason to involve myself. I do not, so it's not for me to jump their asses for allowing their sons to be circumcized.


I typically don't read links.

In my old age, I've come to believe circumcision is unnecessary. There is no medical necessity for it. I am glad the rate is going down.

And, OF COURSE, most men who ARE circumcised LOVE their penises -- because men (generally speaking) love their penises. But, if you were uncircumcised, you undoubtedly would LOVE your penis just the same.

@Hugh There are not enough words in the English language to persuade me that American parents choose circumcision because of the perceived health benefits.

If it was proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there are zero medical benefits, parents would still choose it because that's what "they are used to."

The statement/study you cite is from 1999.


Gentile mutilation? I thought even the circumcised jews gave that up centuries ago!


I don't get how people can be so protective of a procedure like this, especially victims of the violence itself.

It is not "violence". It is a simple, safe, and painless medical procedure.

@marga []

It's not always "simple, safe, and painless."

The psychological and physical effects can be life long for a procedure that was done on an individual with no voice of their own yet.

@soundofthereign well, to each his own

You can socially normalise just about anything, up to and including genocide. In a country where the majority of males are routinely circumcised, people continue with that tradition.

As the subject of this procedure, things can go either way. Yes, hygiene is easier, it might prevent you from getting cancer of various STI's, and it might be more acceptable to a partner who's not used to seeing an uncircumcised penis. Or you could end up with a botched surgery, excessive penile loss, desensitisation of the now always exposed glans, and the inability to comfortably masturbate without lubrication.

My belief is that circumcision shouldn't be routinely performed on an individual until they are old enough to provide informed consent. Given that they do consent, it's a perfectly legitimate body modification, and a matter of personal choice.

@marga This must be a new use of the word painless of which I was previously unaware.

@marga Painless? Are you out of your tree, Marga? A freaking paper cut hurts like a motherfu*&^r! As sensitive as penises are.....I don't even want to keep going on this one....


It reduces chances of getting infections and is much easier to take care of long term...


Definitely a typo there - not Gentile but genital. Yes absolutely agreed this practice is totally unnecessary in a society with soap and running water.
My nephews were all saved from this practice as it was actually discussed. - I can't believe there is a hospital saying it's still normal practice.
Also it's falling out of fashion apparently: [] US numbers now at 58 percent circumcised. So obviously there has been a change of view.

I agree with you.

Yes, the rate is going down, thankfully.

RavenCT, Thanks for correcting my typo. They told me that I would go blind if I didn’t leave that thing alone! Guess they were right. 🙂

@frosty2k Ah the real reason my vision is getting worse with age! 😉


Gentile mutilation? WTF? All of us?

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