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A friend of mine i was talking to yesterday said to me, Sometimes its better for some peo to get married later in life

ScienceBill72 7 Nov 30

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I don't think anyone should get married before about 40 !


Some people sinply arent' nature enough until later in life.


I didn't marry until I as 43,due to low wages after my Air Force separation, only until I got a better job ,was I able to afford the hunt for a wife,I used an ad in a singles paper in San Diego Ca,(ancient technology)she read it, called me up,we met,dated and married 6 months later,I was #3 husband,she was my first wife.


Im not so sure. 2 issues get presented. People are mentally damaged, and it takes alot of work to gain trust to begin with. Then other issues still need acknowledged. The second is, it is difficult to find a woman to settle down with. They are coming out of the responsibility laden era of child rearing. They want to see and explore, which is/can be the direct opposite of settling down.

Oh it is. The exact opposite. It's fun, too.


Call me skeptical, or call me I've seen too much, but evidence shows a near 100 percent recidivism rate for pedos. Getting married late too often equals marrying someone who already has kids. I've worked in social work and the education field and have made reports as a mandatory reporter.

Dude, seriously?


That is a true statement for some people..... Everyone is different and there are too many ways to skin a cat. Usually one reality is different than someone else reality. There is that.


I know some for whom that worked tremendously well. It makes sense to have some growth on one's own before pairing up.

That said, I am glad that I did not wait too long as my husband's life got cut short. We did not delay or waste any precious time.

Zster Level 8 Dec 1, 2018

Its sad to hear about your husband im sorry, im still hopeful ill find someone i like enough to Marry

@ScienceBill72 I hope that you succeed. Despite a lot of negative press, a great marriage can be amazing.

Yes we marry,thinking "Forever" is just that,reality says 20-30 years maybe....


Worked for me. I got married first (and only) time at age 40. Was the right thing because I was not only mature enough but the woman had no kids, like me, and was too old to want or have them. Which worked out great because when I was dating before her it seemed like none of the women my age wanted me since they either wanted kids or already had them and I made it clear I didn't want to be a parent or stepparent.


There is a lot to be said for young and stupid. We built 38 epic years on not knowing shit to start with.


Word. Or, not at all. I have no intention of doing it again.


Yes it is.

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