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You think you have problems. This is Paris - TODAY!

By Petter8
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I'm not sure about Paris and other metropolitan areas but out here in rural areas there are no other options besides gas or diesel. Gas prices are extremely important for quaility of life out here. I would love for everyone to have electric cars or other forms of clean energy. I believe it will happen as well, but until the prices drop substantially and I don't mean to 20k for a car I mean second hand car prices of 2k there will still be a huge need for cheaper gas. When gas hit $4.00 p/gal I personally know people who were forming militia groups in the rural areas and were not going to pay those prices. Luckily the price around here is $2.20 p/gal so it seems sustainable for a while. Give it another 10 years or so and the second hand electric car market will bring many rural citizens off of gas.

I know the American gallon is smaller than the Imperial gallon, but never-the-less even at $4 per gallon that was cheaper than petrol or diesel in any Western European country. Dividing $4 by 3.785 gives $1.075 per litre, which at current exchange rates equates to €0.94cts per litre. The present price in France works out at $6.53 per US gallon - OUCH!!


All over the price of fuel. Things have to be done to deal with Climate Change and they won't be easy for anyone. Why don't people get it into their thick skulls that their way of life will negatively effect the life of their children and grandchildren????


These are trying times we live in.

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