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I would Not Wanted her on My Cockpit... Look at those Chicken Thighs! ...but she is Politics Now.

GipsyOfNewSpain 8 Dec 3

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What EXACTLY does this outfit represent? Is she some kind of crystal ROBOT? That headset thing is just ODD! Was she trying to hide her identity? I suspect the pustulant one loves this photo because he thinks other men admire him for '''having'' her....

The Postulant is Not Glorifying her... The Postulant is calling her for what she is... ameriKKKas First Whore, but Ignorance continues to be a Virtue in ameriKKKa.


skinny thighs and fake tits. If you're into that look. Just don't think you can fly that plane.
The real issue of course is everyone came unglued when the previous first lady bared her arms, black arms. White woman shows off fake boobs and no one says squat. 😟

Yep... that is faux news to you.


Hmmm........Interesting outfit.........


I don't want to be on a plane with her in the cockpit. DANGEROUS!


Body shaming, or being a male pig promoting? Awaiting your destruction from the women.

I don't think it's either of those...I think it's someone without a SHRED of dignity or self-respect. And ... remember how the GOP shamed Michele Obama because she wore a short-sleeved dress?

@LucyLoohoo I suspect it will come down to ignore standards for Team politics. Just curious though.

Once you come out a Gold Digger... I will Shame Your Ass.... Once You are Part of the Political Arena... I will Shame Your Ass... You Got Chicken Thighs and You Behave as if You Are Hot SHIT Despite Having a Plastic Surgery Face with No Expression.... I WILL SHAME YOUR ASS!!!! And just as her husband is not my Uncommander in Chief... She is Not My First Lady!!!!

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