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Hi.. Just dropped in to see who I could piss off today.

Duke 8 Dec 5

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I think you could try harder than that. I'm far from pissed...


Good luck with that.


Was hoping you could tell me what condition my condition was in.


Try it. I dare ya.


Should be easy. I'm drinking my morning pot of coffee. Doubt you will make me pee more than the coffee already does.


Nuke a gay communist baby seal for Christ. That usually works and covers all the bases. Feel free to use it at will.


Not me, that's for sure dude with K ?


So, in other words you only logged onto this site today just to heckle me? Aw man, now I'm mucho pissdah Mr Duke😉


as a matter of fact, i am already pissed off, seeing as being able to answer to your post on a website i never signed up on ?


Not me. I'm just agreeable as all effing hell.

Deb57 Level 8 Dec 5, 2018

try me.

@Duke, & will that be all, sir?

@Duke you may not realise what that will result in and you may end up being pissed off. Have you left the return ticket at Sydney airport yet for @walklightly?

@Duke You just can't do it, Duke. You always turn nice.


@Duke ???


How about we go get pissed instead? ?

@FlippantLlama And then you wonder why we like you so much !!!! ??


Now you've done it


And I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in...


I'll act pissed and collect the double points, darn you?

Beat you to it. ?

Dang, I thought I had double points. Now I am pissed!! Hahaja

How are you. Havent crossed conversations for quite a while.

That should make up for your lost double points!

@FrayedBear I'm doing pretty good! Took s break for a while to tend some family business.

@potteryguy2018 I notice that my points have only increased by 51 points in the last three days despite being active.

@potteryguy2018 all ok? Or ongoing family saga?

@FrayedBear Settled dad's estate and got mom's Medicaid set up

@potteryguy2018 Sounds like you are ready for 2019. ?



Everyone be quiet now, Richard is taking a nap!

@SpikeTalon LMAO I must do it more often. I get better interaction when I do it snoozing, judging from the weight of response above.

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