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Obama was the best gun salesman in US history as his rabid rhetoric on gun control scared people so they bought a lot of guns, a record amount in fact. Under Trump people aren’t near as scared so gun sales as well as the gun stock prices have declined.

Trajan61 8 Dec 6

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December will be good for ammo sales for the Holidays in California. Getting purchases in before the new ridiculous comes to law.


You must be talking about the GOP and NRA rhetoric every time a Democrat is in office and every time a mass shooting takes place.

There's an empty aircraft hangar out there filled to the brim with all the guns Obama never took from anyone.

Then again this is you, and 'LIB'RULS R DUM!!1!'

You are a typical liberal. Hell 4 judges on the US Supreme Court don’t even recognize the 2nd amendment as giving private citizens the right to bear arms!

@Trajan61 Weird about that 'well regulated militia' bit, huh?

Thanks again for your VERY typical response though.


My have plenty of guns, buy for pleasure, undoubtedly will buy more in the are most likely correct that everyone you know ALREADY has at least one, and they, like you, will buy updated models, etc. But the market will Not surge anymore in your area, or others like it, it is fully saturated.
Those who will Never own a gun, never will...their "market" is non-existent.
Therefore, gun sales will remain steady, or decline, from now on

I finally toured an actual ‘Cabela’s’ (outdoor) Store.. and what I found inside were very sorry versions of myself… Middle aged white guys (who likely couldn’t survive a night in the woods) looking for more toys.. And where was the most activity? The Gun Section, of course. Talk about Zombies!

This was the sickest lot of peers (at least age & culture wise) I’ve been in proximity to for a long time; their arrogance was palpable.. Strutting around in ‘outdoor attire’ while pondering their next unnecessary assault weapon purchase … likely using life’s ill gotten gains..

I also sense that attitude from the gunsters around here - now I know ‘what they look like’ 😕 I’ll walk past weapons & accessories like that thinking much as I do inside a home improvement store all I need of that, glad I’m no longer wanting..

They’re purchasing these guns as an Investment. Kinda like a consortium of idiots attempting to corner the ..silver market, but in this case, assuming with every new mass gun murder, surely the US will take action … and their assault weapons might quadruple in price! But from the air of that Cabela’s, these guys aren’t hurting for money, but looking for control..


he sold arms to Saudi Arabia,record sales ..but he was such a nice collected psychotic smooth operator...trump by contrast is more honest ,he doesn't hide his psycho well at all


Gun sales ‘spike’ after mass-shootings - not because of who’s in the White House -- but out of fear ‘America’ will finally have had enough...

Varn Level 8 Dec 6, 2018

@Elganned As is often described around here, data reads as those who collect it want it to read. There must be a point of saturation or financial exhaustion when even the gun nuts slow down on purchases ... but having paid attention (if even bothered anymore to be tracked, let alone reported) ..gun sales would increase after a mass shooting. Not due to the fear of people feeling the need to ‘defend themselves,’ but due to the gun hoarder’s assumption that the citizens of the USA will finally demand serious limits on their weapon of choice..

Yeah, and who commits those attacks? Oh, wait, white gun nuts........


I'm not sure you get how conspiracy theories work.


You're (probably on purpose) muddling being scared and being scared that guns will be taken away.


About the only thing he was good for, increasing private firearm sales.

And o/s sales. Armed the ME he did.


"rabid rhetoric"? Puleez! LOL more likely the NRA's rabid rhetoric.

There’s nothing rabid about the NRA. Without it we would have lost a lot of our rights pertaining to guns quite some time ago in spite of the 2nd amendment.

@Trajan61 "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

this was written at a time when America couldn't afford a well-trained professional army. thus, the Americn govt. had to rely on local militias to bolster the ranks. we have had the most powerful military in the world for a long time now... we haven't needed militias for longer than that. the NRA is just a shill for the military industrial complex, there to promote sales of weapons for the corporations that make them. the NRA is as rabid as their lust for money.


Nah it’s every democratic president.
Whenever there’s a democrat in the White House the NRA and other gun groups start beating the drums and declaring that the president is coming for your guns and yet none ever will nor will they because it’ll be very hard to get the largest section of private gun owners ( law enforcement and military) to come and take your guns.

And to play fair the same thing happens whenever a republican is elected but it’s the president is gonna take your Medicare and social security away!
So political rhetoric is and forever will what will scare the shit out of them.


Everyone I know who owns a gunshop always votes Democrat.
"Good for business" is the excuse.

That may be so but I bet they don’t advertise that to their customers.

@Trajan61 Something tells me he is joking.

@Captain_Feelgood I’m sure he is but I’ve always wondered the same thing myself.

And you know...2 or 3 owners, maybe?


Well, yeah. Once they stockpiled enough firearms to kill all their old classmates, they stopped buying.


"Under trump people aren' scared"????!!!!!
Welcome back from Pluto, sweetie

When people are scared they buy guns for protection. Gun sales are down under Trump so evidently people aren’t as scared.

Trump causes the sales of xanax to go up. Him and his ilk scare the crap out of me. Too much evil and stupidity rolled into one.

@Trajan61 I think the gun market has simply dried up because a lot of people would Never buy one, that's all

@AnneWimsey All of my friends own a gun with most owning several so what are you talking about. Hell my son is a firearms dealer and I have a range in my back yard where we get together quite regularly to shoot rifles and pistols. Here in Oklahoma where I live it would be very rare to find a household without a gun!

@Trajan61 your market is fullyb saturated, everybody has one or more. Hardly any further sales except to update/upgrade.
Some folks will Never buy a any sales at all. Therefore that "market" is non-existent.
The gun surge of buying is flat or declining.........

@AnneWimsey If the democrats win in 2020 I assure you people will become frightened and gun sales will surge again.

@Trajan61 Ammo sales might (ridiculously!) Surge, unless you have found a way to use more than one gun at a time?

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