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An eye-opening survey conducted in the UK reveals a truth many in the United States will find shocking. When asked if atheists are more or less moral than religious people, our allies across the pond favor atheists.

The British feel those who identify as atheists are more likely to be good people. In fact, 12.5% of Britons believe atheists are more moral, while only 6% say atheists are less moral.

Fewer than a quarter of Britons believe religion is a force for good. On the contrary, over half believe religion does more harm than good. Even 20% of Britons who describe themselves as ‘very religious’ are on record stating religion is harmful to society.

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AtheistNews 6 Dec 6

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I saw this he other day and wasn't at all surprised by it.

Anecdotal I know, but I know very few people who claim to be religious or believe in a god and those that do profess some weird pagan non-god type of deity.


Wasn’t aware of this survey, but glad to know that my fellow countrymen and women think this way.


This is fantastic. Religious institutions are as corrupt as most these days and maybe worse.

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