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It's been almost 10 years since I've had to transition to new tech. I am soooooo lost! LOL!!!

IAJO163 7 Dec 9

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I have a program for TV shows and it says that I can cast them to my TV. Every TV in the house! LOL!!! They're all Roku or smart TVs.


so you just traded out your VCR for a DVD player? Or have you given up your cable TV for Internet TV? Or, did your flip phone finally die?


I just upgraded from an iPhone 6 to an 8 yesterday. I haven't found any differences yet.

I just transitioned from a 10 yr old laptop to a newer model.


Did you post this from your new smart phone?


Which new tech? Operating systems? Cell phones? Microwave oven?


Interesting. In my lifetime I can't recall a period of more than 2 years when I wasn't involved in technological changes of one form or another to be kept up with. For me it was just something we did and I never actually gave it a second thought. Now that I think about it, I can see how it would be quite difficult for some.


I feel yer pain! I faked it as best I could for years. I managed to get the job done somehow. finally escaped that hamster wheel by retiring. whew!


Getting old sucks. Keeping up seems to get more difficult. Dont have the time to research new tech anymore.


You're not alone. I've never used an Iphone myself. Looking at some people who do, I don't think I will start, either.

No,I have an Android phone,comfortable in it's use,I used an Iphone at T mobile to call AT&T when I switched plans, and a heck of a time getting their Iphone there to work for me. I have an old Dell Inspiron computer with Widows 10,as the operating system and a fairly new S9 Samsung cell phone upgrade from a S5.

My phone stays in my pocket 90% of the time.

@Mike1947 I just gave up my Dell Inspiron and got an Acer. My phone is a ZTE.

@IAJO163 Was reading where the Chinese ZTE and another brand,Huawei are being viewed with suspicion by the Feds,possible spying or remote data transfers.

@Mike1947 I saw. It has nothing to do with my phone though.

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