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Well, I saw the neurologist. She reckons it is a form of epilepsy that only affects a region of the left hemisphere of what passes for my brain. The affected area is involved with control of my right side limbs and enough of my tongue to make speech impossible. However, unlike "normal" epilepsy, I remain completely aware of my surroundings, and after 10 minutes or so, the seizure passes, leaving no physical damage.
The really good news is that there is a pill to control it, to be taken morning and evening. What with my twice-a-day blood pressure pills, my statin pill and my aspirin pill to combat the cancer in my immune system I could probably open my own pharmacy.
My daughter suggests I hire myself out to bands, where I could jump up and down, instead of them having a maracas player!

By Petter8
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So glad you have an answer. And your perspective is phenomenal...I’d go see that band!


So happy it is something that can be controlled. Good to see your sense of humor is still intact. smile001.gif

Sticks48 Level 9 Dec 10, 2018

Perhaps this (I wrote it 5 years ago) explains my sense of humour:-

If anyone tried to visit the above site, I've now altered the settings so it can be read by anyone. It was previously restricted.


I’m glad they found the issue and it’s managed fairly easily. It’s good you can keep some humor about the whole thing. Best wishes going forward.


Good to hear your condition can be controlled, and wish you a long and happy life.

EdEarl Level 8 Dec 10, 2018

"The good die Young". I spent my youth assiduously ensuring I would live to a ripe old dotage.


I'm glad they can control it. Hope you're back to full steam very soon.


Glad to hear, this is good news in the big picture.

Lorajay Level 7 Dec 10, 2018

i love your optimism. keep doing what you do, amigo.


You have an incredibly positive outlook my friend.

Do they think this has to do with the Cancer in any way?

And I'm so glad it can be controlled with a pill!
And I'm on way more prescription meds than you.
Apparently I should hire out as the full band! smile009.gif

RavenCT Level 9 Dec 10, 2018

The cancer and the erratic BP (often in the region of 220 / 100 - and at other times 90/50) are utterly unrelated. The cancer is in my immune system cells and I feel no pain whatsoever (I'm allergic to pain as it so happens) whilst even as a child I had a high pulse rate and blood pressure, so that too feels normal.
Being atheistic also helps one to accept that life is transient, and so had best be enjoyed whilst one has the chance - there's no second helping on offer!
Good luck with your future music career, my friend!!!


Well, that's relatively good news.

As the young lad remarked, on learning that his distant uncle in Outer Mongolia had died and left him a fortune. ?

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