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Because, "Jesus loves you!" Is just shallow.

SukiSue 8 Dec 12

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There seems to be this idea that spiritual advancement and increased happiness go hand-in-hand. Just ask Oprah Winfrey.

Happiness and joy are not hallmarks of wisdom and understanding, any more than sorrow and regret are signs of immaturity. We are not individual gods, creating our own realities as we see fit. To suggest no one but ourself is responsible for our life, is to turn a blind eye to the real injustices that exist.

We do not choose our parents, nor the country we are born in.
We do not choose who will cross our paths.
We do not choose other people's choices.

Yes, it IS true that if we expect others to provide our happiness FOR us, we will usually be disappointed. This has more to do with the expectation than it does with what others do, or do not do.

We are not in complete control-if one does not recognize this, then this, in turn, can create its own unhappiness. We are finite beings (at least physically) and as such, we should pick our battles carefully. Not every battle can be conquered through willpower and focus alone.

There's nothing wrong with loving yourself-it's the basis of self-respect, something others typically approve of, and avoids some common traps people fall into. But, in my opinion, loving others is a higher calling: we are too focused on "the self" (or one's self) as the center of everything. It's not (ask any mother).

Furthermore, to totally discount anyone else as having anything to do with our own happiness, is to give short shrift to true acts of love. Our reality is not just internal, the environment we live in affects us, in many ways, including our feelings.

Just the devil's advocate in me, taking exception to an "irrefutable law".

Well stated! A question came to mind as I was reading your comment. Actually, a couple questions. Where did this fascination with control come from? Why are we humans so unwilling to assume control within ourselves, and so willing to give control over to someone else, even to the extreme of inventing an imaginary someone to control us?

Your words are truly wonderful! As we often say, it's complicated!

@linxminx, I think we get overwhelmed. I remember being a single mother and often wishing they were anybody who could just sit in the chair and my kitchen and tell me what to do. The decision-making process was overwhelming. The feeling of making the wrong decision was crushing. It went on too long. I'm really amazed I'm not a born again something or other. It would have been easy to fall into someone else's control at that point. I'm so glad I didn't!

@SukiSue Being in education, I hear that all the time. "I don't want to make the wrong decision." But the truth is, the best learning comes from making a bad decision and correcting it. We learn more from our failures than our success. We need to correct this inability to not believe in ourselves.

@linxminx absolutely and I'm so glad I just stayed the course! it would have been very easy for a religious group to have scooped me up back on. But because I did it the hard way, I'm a pretty strong person today. So I have to totally agree with you there. Kudos to you for being an educator. And you sound like a great one!


Really a demigod as a sales slogan and they made it this far without a war, Oh wait maybe rethink that.


So Constantine the Great seems to be the one credited with developing what we now know as christianity. I'm wondering why he chose Jesus's life and crucifiction to develop a religion around?

He read "The Art of the Deal" and decided J-boy was the best option.


Jesus is at best dead. No god or gods ever existed except in people's minds. Read Feuerbach and his Das Wesen des Christentums.


" True happiness can ONLY come from within the person who seeks it earnestly, false happiness is as the fallen leaves, fleeting and blown around easily by the smallest gust of wind." - Author Unknown.


Unfortunately most don't and are seeking it from someone else to make them "whole".

Thus..."religion." Folks looking outside of themselves for guidance and hoping for happiness.


Goes along with "if you think the world owes you a living, better write it off as a bad debt"




What he said.


Agreed. Having this before getting involved with another is necessary.

For Sure.

yet in years past and somewhat still, couples meet at the end of childhood, basically, and stay together until the end of life, so they grow without dissolving, somehow.


Whatever the age, maybe they came into it strong with self.

@Bierbasstard I am sure!

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