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Trump Christmas Card:

I got an email inviting me to sign and add a “personal note” to the Christmas card for the Trumps, “now that America can say ‘Merry Christmas’ again.”
What would you write?

A2Jennifer 8 Dec 17

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Fuck off imbecile. We're hoping for permanent incarceration with a burly horny guy ...


I am to cynical so look to someone else.


My reply to the Republican National Committee donation request:

"You Re-THUG-licans are going DOWN!

"I'm a lifelong Democrat, you idiots. Take me off your mailing list."

They did.


Happy Winter Solstice Celebration.


Please just quit so that liberals will STFU and go back just hating Christian conservatives!

Christian means anti establishment liberal. Reff: the new testiment. "Christian convervative" has to be the most ludicrous tossed word salad name any drug adeled moron ever came up with.

@Tompain1 ummm ok sure??


About time to clean up your email list?

That should purge it pretty well. Lol

Nope. I stay on the list because they periodically send me surveys and I like to take the opportunity to say what a terrible job he’s doing. I’m sure my name is on a list somewhere...


The mind boggles at how many obscenities are going to hit that inbox.

Yeah I bounced it around with some friends. There are a LOT of variations of “F*#% YOU.”

@A2Jennifer That was exactly my FIRST thought!


My reply would be something much like this:

"Dear 45,

Yes, it is a great "holiday" season. As you know, I'm truly hoping that you get those nice cuffs you'd always needed. I'd bet $1,000 they'd look amazing on your D.C. tan.
I'm sure that there's nice package, under your tree, with enough surprise to make your bunny slippers quiver. I wish that you could allow Fox News into your adopted living room, so that we can all see the amazement and utter shock on your face.



He can't read, so what would be the point of sending him a message.

I’m hoping someone reads the comments to him!

@A2Jennifer Draw a picture, in crayon.


I can only hope that the spirit of Carnegie rules your life from now on. It's not too late. God bless.

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