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What is a sexual atheist?

Hihi 6 Dec 20

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Language lends itself to the creation of all kinds of expressions most of which are about as substantial as impure wind. 🙂


A fucking nonbeliever!


That's me!

That's me also Tnorman.


I thought it could be like an asexual person.



A real sexual atheist is WHY "believers" join bc they THINK they CAN get laid on here MORE easily! 😀


Almost ready to join that cult.


A sexual atheist likes sex.

Good point. It's the asexual atheist that is not into sex. This brings to mind the song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show that includes "sweet transvestite from transsexual Transylvania.


That would be a sexual agnostic, a sexual atheist would be sure they're never going to get laid like me....awwwwww fuck


This would work on a t-shirt.


Hahahahaha!!! That's excellent!!!


Damn. I'm about 3 weeks from hitting that belief?

@Hihi sort of. I start going crazy about a month without sex. I've learned my body and my behavior patterns as well. I have to get a fix so I can concentrate on my school work and exercise. It also must be said I prefer a daily fix but that doesn't happen when you are single or you live a certain lifestyle. Lol


Someone who likes sex and who doesn't believe in God?


I was thinking, reading the title, that it was someone who didn't say "Oh God" in bed.

i stopped saying oh my god as exclamation in all life and have said oh my fuck for 15+ years - because i don't believe in god but i do believe in...

@Lillyfield41 If you want some ideas on what to say/yell/scream while doing the beast with the two backs, watch German porn. Those German ladies yell in german and are quite enthusiastic.

@yamaha45701 i've wanted to learn german for years now... i could start with porn!


I doubt I'll ever get laid again, but I know that sex exist and I sill have sex by myself so I'm no sexual atheist.

i have a friend who says his sex life is like a ferrari... he doesn't have a ferrari.


Cute, but sematically inaccurate. ?

Even if sex is your god? ?

accurate but misspelled...

doncha just HATE karma? LOL

@aintmisbehaven hehehe

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