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This time of year is difficult for some people. Often, Christmas is thrust upon folks who may not believe in God. I still enjoy the season even though I'm an agnostic. I enjoy the togetherness and the gathering of families. Do you think it's OK to celebrate a religious holiday without celebrating the religion?

By Adventureseeker3
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It is okay to celebrate anything you want to celebrate.


Of course it is.

Most of what I did for the season surrounding "religion" was mainly cultural expectations - not religious ones. (except going to church). lol

My family knows I'm atheist.

We gather at my sister's home and she and her husband attend Mass on Christmas day - there is no hint that I would. She knows my reasons for despising religion and respects them. So we get along just fine.

It also helps that her practices are far more Humanist than Catholic. smile009.gif

RavenCT Level 9 Dec 26, 2018

On a late night comedy show recently I heard the term “praytheist” which was defined as some who pretends to be religious for the holidays just to keep the peace in the family. I almost fell out of my chair laughing because I knew the feeling well. I enjoy the family gatherings and especially the food!! My family is aware of my feelings about religion but they’re loving and accepting of me and don’t mention it and we all have a great time.

JamesRN Level 3 Dec 25, 2018

I think you should celebrate any thing that you like. After all, without the shackles of belief, you are free to to do that which makes you feel comfortable.


I tried something new this year when I was informed that a few of my colleagues we're having a hard time with the holidays. I work with a lot of specialist talent, but many who are athiest or agnostic. This time of year can leave many feeling even more isloated than usual. So even though I am not "captain social" myself, I took a chance and organized a lunch hour out with colleagues.

It was a small thing for me, but a big thing for them. I received several thank yous for the invitation and one person came in on their day off to join us just for the event.

Some people are separated from family by religion. Some people were always allowed to poke fun at religion. Some people felt they had no friends to socialize with and beliefs had nothing to do with it.

Sandwiches brought us all together. We can all support each other in the moment. A grand day. I can now go back to being a champion introvert.


I'm fairly certain Yule was a celebration first, then pagans put superstitious meaning in it, then the invading Christians stole it and now pretends "Christmas" trees, Santa etc. are part of the celebration of the birth of a middle eastern Jewish socialist hippie.

Let me put it another way. It's ok for a non-believer to celebrate a "Christian" holiday, as long as you don't do anything distinctly Christian.


MLinoge Level 7 Dec 23, 2018

I will be 'celebrating' alone. Just another day for me here in N.C. BUT, if I were in Wisconsin, my home State, I'd be celebrating with my younger daughter, her SO, and his family and visiting my siblings, all of who still live there. But, it would not be to celebrate christmas, it would be so that I could see them all again. I don't get back to Wisconsin as often as I used to.


I never found the seasons "difficult". I may be an atheist, but I do participate in family gatherings and what not. It's more of a cultural thing for me as opposed as religious.

KenWG Level 3 Dec 23, 2018

I enjoy Christmas for its spirt. The spirit of giving. I don’t except the Religious reason for its existence. Therefore I am able to enjoy the Christmas spirit and it’s trations for what they event.

Mist Level 1 Dec 22, 2018

I think it’s totally okay to celebrate and have fun.

I agree with other’s comments that it’s not religious holiday. Basically religion “hijacked” the winter solstice to make the celebration more popular.

What’s the historical evidence that Jesus was born on December 25?
Even Bible doesn’t say this, I don’t think ‘December’ was there when it was written ?.

I think this page will give you more details: []

In addition, sharing this picture I came across yesterday in Facebook ?

Have fun, Happy Holidays!


Yes, it's fine to celebrate it. It has pre-Christian origins, so you're really just getting back to basics.

Orbit Level 7 Dec 21, 2018

Its not a religious holiday. Its a co-opted pagan one.

Amisja Level 8 Dec 21, 2018

As strange as it may sound, celebrating Christmas is something I only started doing after becoming an atheist. In fact, it is something I was excited about doing for the first time. The religion I was brought up with didn't allow the celebration of "secular" holidays, which is what they considered Christmas.

sfvpool Level 7 Dec 21, 2018

I celebrate the season including valued time with family and friends. Christmas may be a reason to gather but isn't a religious celebration in my family.

Labrat Level 1 Dec 21, 2018

I think it is fine to celebrate without being religious. It is a nice time to be wityh friends and family. Without it the atheists don 't provide such an opportunity.

Marine Level 8 Dec 21, 2018

it's even worse if you're jewish. even before i was an atheist, i was inundated with christmas to the point of feeling oppressed. as an (atheistic) adult i did for a time enjoy the parties thrown every christmas eve by certain friends of mine. there was a tree and beyond that no mention of christmas at all. it was just a party. but the rest of it -- the ubiquitousness of the whole christmas thing, the decorations, the songs, the sales clerks wishing everyone a merry christmas even though a significant percentage of those receiving that wish might not be celebrants and/or might even be celebrating holidays of their own, the ASSUMPTION that everyone is christian -- i find it oppressive.


genessa Level 8 Dec 21, 2018

Why not.
You can still enjoy the Superbowl party and not really care about the game smile001.gif

Hastur Level 7 Dec 21, 2018

um... that is not true of everyone.


@genessa that's a shame

@Marine why? superbowl parties are full of people who care about the superbowl. i wouldn't have a good time at one. it's not a shame, though. i have plenty of stuff i DO enjoy. everyone doesn't have to enjoy the same thing.


@genessa ok

@genessa if one chooses...

@MissKathleen it is good to have a choice.


@genessa always

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