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3 mins. of cat purring. My Xmas gift to the site.

By kmdskit38
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Animal videos never fail to make my day better. ♡

RezZa Level 5 Dec 26, 2018

the world needs more of this

btroje Level 8 Dec 26, 2018



Little sweetie!

PalacinkyPDX Level 8 Dec 25, 2018

Here is his site, way cool:

LetzGetReal Level 8 Dec 25, 2018

This needs to be on Feline Fanatics. Where is a group number when you need one. smile006.gif


I can mimic it PRETTY good, the cats like it. smile002.gif

Have a few ones I learned from them too which are meow, purr mixes. smile009.gif

Gorgeous creature, love the paw signals!

Will look him up on youtube, THANKS.

LetzGetReal Level 8 Dec 25, 2018

Oh man, just what I need. 😊 Makes me want to hunt down my cat and cuddle her some more.

angelashupe Level 4 Dec 25, 2018

Go for it!😻🤗


We need more of this, we're all still stressed and it isn't getting better.

HippieChick58 Level 9 Dec 25, 2018

That's what I was thinking!🤗

We all need contact, yes. As far as what is getting better, on a personal level I try to never assume...


I truly love that sound.

Me too!


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