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I’m wondering about the sponsors of I know we’re not being asked to chip in, but someone has to be paying the bills, right? It’s something of a meme that “if you're not paying for the product, you are the product'”. So what gives? Is our personal data private? Is this being paid for by some wealthy benefactors? What’s the story, eh?

By jerry998
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Well, as membership rises, so will the attraction of ads/funding.I'm sure this started as a personal blog that grew to what it is now. Like another member stated, hosting is very cost friendly and sponsers are very particular where they throw money at.


I had not thought of this before but it IS an interesting question.

oosbray Level 4 Jan 1, 2019

Hosting a website is extremely cheap these days. So there isn’t much cost to consider.


Well....even though it may harm me mentally, physically, and financially at sometime in the distant future....its the only addiction in my life I've been able to I guess I'll just keep puffing, putting, posting along until something changes.


Start a conspiracy theory: We have all been tagged and are in a holding pattern for the round up. Good news - we all get to meet in person.


Good question.


That is a very good question indeed. So is it individuals? Organisations? What will happen to the server if they stop contributing?

tsallinia Level 5 Dec 25, 2018

Something, something, gift horse, ...
I guess


Nothing like having a site for agnostics and atheists to attract the skeptics and critical thinkers. Onya Jerry! smile002.gif


Good question. “Follow the Money”

ADKSparky Level 7 Dec 25, 2018

Merry Netwonday! smile001.gif

Admin Level 8 Dec 25, 2018

So it's a present in honor of Ikie?

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