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Look what was in the drive-in lane at my bank in Shawnee, Ok. Proof positive that not all Okies are idiots.

Lorajay 8 Dec 27

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      I'm having a little deja vous that reminds me of a white van with pro-Trump stickers and posters in every window. Letsee, what did that guy do?  

White van tragedy is definitely not in the Playbook of most liberals.


In Oklahoma, it's a surprise that the rear end was still undamaged.


Just that one.


I like MAMA much better than MAGA

cava Level 7 Dec 28, 2018

Must be brave and have a budget he or she can spend on regular vandalism costs besides normal vehicle maintainence and repairs because auto insurance would be no help with this.


gees that's one brave person. I'd be afraid of a drive by or at least a back ender!


Love it! I'd probably get shot if I drove that in the gun loving, Trump supporting, conservative town I live in! LOL. Make America Moral Again = #MAMA ! That's going to be my new go to hash tag. I get so tired of the #MAGA


In okie land, I'm surprized it still has windows and tires.....course can't really see the tires now can you.

We can assume most of them are functioning properly if this was taken in a drive through lane.

@maturin1919 yeah....assume

@HankSherman Yeah, pretty reasonable assumption given the context.

@maturin1919 since you're from Pennsylvania, I going to assume I'm more knowedgeable about Okies


Introduce yourself and befriend them immediately.


Is anyone else most surprised that these are on a pickup truck?


Well now


As someone who has lived in Oklahoma, I can't believe my eyes. XD

RezZa Level 5 Dec 28, 2018

There's hope. I love it!

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