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Hello potential friends. I am an ex-pastor-become-atheist, widower, living in a town where everyone I know is religious. So I am isolated and desire human friendship/companionship compatible with my unbelief. Anyone here from Casa Grande AZ?

DarwinChandler 4 Feb 17

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Arrived in AZ this week from MN where there are quite a few groups of freethinkers etc. I was hoping that casa grande would have a community to get to know and perhaps set up periodic meetings for discussions and community action events. So glad I discovered this site. Yael S.

Ysivan Level 1 June 22, 2018

We still live in MN but own a home in Arizona City which we visit several times a year. Not too many atheists in Pinal county that we've encountered, but I'm sure there are more than we realize. Good luck in AZ!


My blog at contains a couple of posts about my background and journey out of religion. Hope you might be interested in my articles there.

Amazing website, I have a friend it may be very specifically helpful to. Thank you for putting in the effort. Your work will help a great many people. Just remember, you may only hear about less than one percent of those you've impacted. Keep up the good work, it is needed.

@DavidLaDeau Thanks David. I appreciate the encouragement. Obviously I am not a web tech and my blog is very elementary. What is "masking website?"

@DarwinChandler autocorrect, I fixed it.


I understand.......ex Pastor myself. It's quite a journey. Love the liberty I have experienced in my choice. No more heaviness in all its characteristics.

Khmm Level 5 Feb 18, 2018

Welcome, sir. I hope you benefit as much as many of us have from this forum.


How the hell did that happen? How do you go from lifer to non believer? Did it happen in a instant or slowly over time?

Took 40 years so the story is long. But the short version is on my blog,




I'm far from AZ, but I cannot imagine how hard this journey has been for you. I read a couple of books written by former clergy. They'd given up their livelihoods, friends, and families to embrace reality rather than keep up a dishonest façade.
I have utmost respect for you, Sir.

JimG Level 8 Feb 17, 2018

It is lonely but so much more acceptable. What do they say? Once you see it, it cannot be unseen.

Khmm Level 5 Feb 17, 2018

@Maiasaura... This choice is a really tough one. I carried an extremely heavy weight internally, which over the years became increasingly the end almost suffocating. Then came a time when in conversation I declared that I really do not think I believe in God. It was a revelation to myself as a pastor you can imagine how difficult getting to this decision was. The weight lifted, depression disappeared instantaneously. Phew!!! What a relief!!!????

@Maiasaura..... The impact of this decision was so awesome, it was like leaving a dark cold pit and coming out into the fresh air after a heavy summer rain.

@Maiasaura and I blush ????


Welcome Ex-Father! I attempted my personal run at religion at 19, when I announced to my family that I was entering the seminary. My father made sure it didn’t happen! I was wisked away to a remote seashore location for 3 months to air my head out. I am grateful he did! Unfortunately the same summer at the same location I discovered “that”, lol. THAT cleared my head right away!


I wanted to be a pastor at one time. I started the classes, studying the bible, and before I knew it, I was out of the church and trying to find a new imaginary best friend. I imagine it sucks being in AZ. I grew up in Riverton, Wyoming, and it was a scary place to grow up. I'm grateful that I've never had to go back. New York is much easier.




How interesting. Tell your story in a nutshell "Pastor-turned-atheist"? I know I'm intèrested! Welcome BTW. 🙂

The nutshell version is on my web site, Thx for your interest


Have you checked out the Clergy Project? Not sure if they only accept people still in the clergy, but your experience may benefit others struggling to leave.

I am part of the clergy project. I have a forthcoming book for which Dan Barker has volunteered to write a recommendary cover blurb.


I bet you have some good stories. Welcome!


Welcome to the dark side Chandler. Youre among friends.

The women don't do "that" here either. Sorry

I will do anything for Love, but I won’t do THAT! ????


Welcome fellow heathen. I’m in Tucson.

Marz Level 7 Feb 17, 2018

Welcome! this is a great place to be. Please lend your knowledge and experience. Your contributions would be very much appreciated, in particular due to your background. We do have a new "testimony" section. I will take the liberty of saying we would all like to know your story.

Thanks David. The short versiion of my story is on my blog,



Gohan Level 7 Feb 17, 2018
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