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So, with New Year's Eve upon us and the close of 2018. As you look back at your life over the past year, ask these two questions. 1. What worked for me this past year. and 2. What didn't work for me and what can be improved.

HippieChick58 9 Dec 30

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Oh, this list is too long for both of these!


Not a bad strategy. Doing really well working out, losing fat and building muscle despite my failing joints. Doing really crappy interpersonally. Thinking of shutting down the heterosexual search for awhile.


What worked was that I gave up sugar this last part of this past year and started exercising regularly. Net result was a weight loss and size loss. I may need new jeans again soon. Which is a good thing except what didn't work was my job and I've been unemployed since September. I have not seriously looked until just recently and I have an interview scheduled for Wednesday. What else didn't work was not addressing the stress my job was causing me until almost too late. In the future I will try to be more proactive about issues I'm having with my job. My timing for being off was bad, due to the stock market my finances took a harder hit than I expected. And my car is having issues. After I get back to work I may need to replace the car, which I hate to do but it is 12 years old.

  1. Residential relocation.
  2. Noise intolerance.

Embracing the necessity of travel to see the concerts I want has proven to be very rewarding. The travel is fun, seeing different venues, and meeting others, many of whom I have known for a couple of decades in on-line fan forums.

On the didn't work side - I may need to hire out the rest of my landscaping projects, just to keep my hands working normally!

  1. The music
  2. Everything else

Great questions. Kinda reminds me of that question that all personnel people ask during an interview "where do you see yourself in 5 years?" All trick questions I suspect...... hahahahaha


What worked: networking. What didn't: traditional searching. And the Drumpf administration.


I didn't work because I am retired, and that worked very well for me.


What works is ignoring wholesale advice. What doesn't work is seeking wisdom from Hallmark greeting cards.


I'm not sure what the question means as in worked for me. Work for me doing What? so I'll answer it this way.
!. being myself
2. not being myself

  1. Placing boundaries worked for me.
  2. Softening boundaries didn't work for me.
  3. Strengthening boundaries is my goal for 2019.

Thanks - my resolutions are done, haha!

  1. um... still thinking.... well, my hair grew at a decent pace.

  2. my lungs and pancreas didn't work so great. i have no clue what to do to improve them that i am not already doing.



Took a beating in both the stock and cattle market, hoping for a better year in 2019


The same answer to both questions, online dating.

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