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Change is good!

MissKathleen 9 Dec 31

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I like it, deep.....but not too deep......allowances to negativness, with an opening to return to open gate to the wonder of much for my ability to ramble.


I've been telling my bartenders to keep the change. I guess I've been doing it all wrong.


Change is almost always bad.

A good example of a pessimistic response to an optimistic statement.

What about the abolition of slavery and the emancipation of women?

Change is inevitable. Fighting it is what's "bad".
Adapt or die.

@Tompain1 No point leaving the old year on a high note, right?!

@Marionville that’s one of the things I like about you, you always have a “good example” for everything


I see centers of gravity maybe I should close my eyes and wait for my phone to ring fill my ears with love

Oh yes, just keep waiting for it to come to you.

@MissKathleen just one RV MOTOR HOME TRIP and "she" can frolic @ Folly Beach EDGE of AMERICA when she gets here makes a local call


Change is inevitable, for example, our blood moves through our bodies, our cells divide and grow, we eat and expel. We could not live without change. It is good to embrace change, because if we do not, we are stressed by change, and stress is bad. I think that Zen proverb is a good one. People should avoid stress and accept change.

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