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Positively Uplifting

I want this group to find happy, kind, uplifting, inspirational events that made us feel good all over. We have a world with problems, but emphasizing the good will help spread joy and keep us active. This is a Human group. Check your religion, belief system, and race at the door. Bring in wonderful news articles, pictures or anything that inspires. Any bullying or fighting will ban you. It is time to allow that blue wave to wash us clean and enjoy our world. Negativity will not be accepted in this group. Please socialize and show all the world we can have the best place in the Milky Way.

Please visit and join:

AntaresRose 8 Dec 31

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Great idea, I'll go over and check it out and join. I'm all about hearing good news instead of what's been happening lately.


Smiles, hugs and kind words only huh?.....

you are a kind guy.


May help you to make it plain that Positively Uplifting is the group name, as the link just takes people to the groups list.

I fixed the link. Thanks for telling me


We spend to much time on the negative. Good news is needed to keep everyone sane.

so true. stop by, better yet join.

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