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Armed man wearing surgical mask headed to Texas church to 'fulfill prophecy'

SEGUIN, Texas — Police arrested a man Sunday morning they said was headed to a church dressed in tactical-style clothing carrying a loaded firearm and extra ammunition.


Happy New Year, everyone. And keep safe in 2019 by staying away from church.

John_Tyrrell 7 Dec 31

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This deranged guy does not fit the profile of a mass shooter IMO.

I was in a convenience store once when a guy came in, approached a teenaged boy, and announced that he was Jesus Christ. His next move was to pull out a large knife and make a furious, powerful downward stab which luckily only ripped up the teenager’s down parka. It was not a very Christ-like gesture IMO.

There does seem to be some sort of correlation between religion and psychosis, but I’m not sure if it’s legitimate to blame psychoses on religion. There is probably a common cause, such as drug usage.


I'm starting to wonder if it might not be time for a reboot.


Because putting the Keerist back in Xmas?


The US has gone nuts.


Let this be a warning. Stay out of churches, there's weird people there who plan to do harm to you. Lol


Happy New Year John, staying away from Church has always been a way of keeping safe for me!


I suppose he wanted to send those church people to Heaven immediately.


Just another nut case following the voices from never,never land.


i saw that on my local news. glad he was apprehended in time

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