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Photographic evidence that I actually did what I said I was going to do, and went out with a bunch of women last night.

Tomfoolery33 9 Jan 1

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Awesome Brother!!


When I was in college I had known a lot of women learning to be nurses. They all wanted to go out dancing to a gay night club. They some how convinced me to go with them. So being a straight guy in a gay night club I was uneasy at the time. The girls must have conspired about what they were going to do in the event that I was going to be approached. So every time a guy head in my direction the ladies would take turns getting about as close as anyone could get with clothing on to me.

Good friends!


Pics, and it did indeed happen. 😉

That's right!


you dog! right on.

I even had my "Fuck it, lets drink" t-shirt on!


I simply love that you thought to cite evidence. If only everyone approached things this way. ? Happy you did what you said, and hope you had a good time!

Depends, surely, on what needs to be witnessed? ?

Had a great time! Not too hung over today.

@Petter I agree!


Oh my. Look at that studmuffin!
Good for you!


Great to hear.

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