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The Virus Do Not Care if You Are High Income... On nra Country... 2 more Young Lives did not Made it to 2019....

By GipsyOfNewSpain8
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See, this is where sensible gun laws come in. Parents are not licensed but maybe they should be if they refuse to teach their children safe responsible handling of fire arms. Oh! and the parents of the kid who shot his friend? I hope they lose their house when the parents of the kid that was murdered (I know it really is manslaughter) sue them in civil court.


So the NRA told the one kid to go and get a firearm and kill the other kid with it and then kill himself?
Wow I didn’t realize that they were actually that powerful.

But on a real note if it were two African American or Latino teenagers from a shithole neighborhood that story would’ve been written as an everyday crime and not some American tragedy.

Seriously guns,drugs and violence are only tragedies or epidemics once they enter and cause damage to the children in “ better “ neighborhoods.
The whole irony of the battle against the NRA is that it’s sponsored by the other side of white privilege. SMFH

russian, nra, ammosexual Troll... Troll Alert!!!! First of the Year 2019... mockba boy back at it!!!!

"Seriously guns,drugs and violence are only tragedies or epidemics once they enter and cause damage to the children in “ better “ neighborhoods." The majority of gun deaths are suicides. When those numbers are removed from the statistics, the majority of gun deaths are gang related, which is a manifestation of the hopelessness and grinding poverty of the poor ethnic majority neighborhoods, not the lack of "gun laws".


@dahermit No shit


That is so sad, such a sad commentary on the US today.


Lets organize a candlelight vigil and sing Kumbaya.

@dahermit Troll Sighting!!!


Two dead people: one manslaughter, one Darwin Award. I am suffering from compassion fatigue. Sigh.

And fuck the NRA! smile003.gif

I did not know that Australia had an NRA.

@dahermit It doesn't as far as I know. The gun laws here would make members of the NRA shake their heads in disgust.

@dahermit Troll Alert, Bonafide Ammosexual Troll!!!!

@GipsyOfNewSpain Example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Calm down before you soil yourself.

@dahermit Russian Troll Paid By The nra... Troll Warning in Effect. Russian Bitch Sight!!!!!

@GipsyOfNewSpain I usually do not engage with persons who cannot control their emotions or whose posts with excessive exclamation marks and have other indications of limited intelligence and hysteria. However, I am willing to give you the benefit of doubt.

Do you wish to engage in a dispassionate and erudite debate on the subject of gun control?

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