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I'm going through junk drawers again and I found this weird thing. There is a hand scribe note on one of the three packages that says car lith adapt. Any ideas about what it's really for. I'm pretty sure I should not keep it but it still making me and little crazy trying to figure out what it's for. I tried Googling the car with adapt okay map with nothing. I posted this same question on Facebook without finding any definitive answer. Since I think this group is smarter than the run-of-the-mill folks, I'm going to try here too.

Lorajay 8 Jan 3

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Looks like a cb radio Mike holder


It's an adapter for a UK plug. Looks like part of one of those travel kits for plugging your devices into various foreign sockets.

Thank you. Now if I just knew where the rest of it was.

@Lorajay good luck!

Oh you got there first...I wanted the prize

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